Who is Shahmeer Abbas? – Wiki, Bio & Videos

Pakistani YouTubers are making recognition of their own and that’s making them be hailed as the celebrity countrywide. There are like dozens of video content creator and publish earning big bucks through their video on various video platforms by entertaining the masses. One of the most looked after names nowadays on Pakistani social media and YouTube is Shahmeer Abbas Shah.

YouTube video

The young hunk hailing from Lahore is a multi-talented star, who is winning the internet all across. Shahmeer Abbas, who is most commonly known as a prankster is actually equally good at dancing and acting as well. Apart from getting tons of views on YouTube, this guy is also entertaining big audience also on Facebook.

In most of his video he is seen setting prank to random people in college, universities and malls where youth remains his top target. Apart from his tall height, looks, and last but not the least six-packs, he has become an internet sensation within no time.


In most of his prank videos, Shahmeer Abbas tries to act ignorant person, which is actually opposite to what he is in real life. If we talk about getting views and followers, Shahmeer is one of the most popular prankster in Pakistan following Nadir Ali.

YouTube video

Talking about his subscribers on YouTube, they are growing rapidly, up the latest Shahmeer Abbas reached 600K milestone on YouTube. And that is a big achievement for someone who is young and energetic, and have that potential to make big name for himself in entetinmat industry in Pakistan.



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