Yes, Uber Pakistan Can Make Multiple Stops

As the competition between competitors’ increases the quality of service also increases and the end benefit goes to the customer as they are the ones who are getting quality services.
Similar goes to the cab-hailing services, and the top two are now head to head and trying to get an edge over each other. Yes, I am talking about Careem and Uber, in their race to attract more customers they are coming up with new ideas.

In this regard, Uber has introduced multiple stop service, by that service you can add three stops in a single ride third one being your final destination.
The stops should be three minutes or less than that for the convenience of the Uber driver. Well it’s a good thing before one has to take multiple rides, and that was time-consuming and was expensive but now adding three stops in a single ride will save both cost and time.

How to add three rides? Well, it’s straightforward, when you open Uber app on top of the screen you see a tab “Where to” click on that and you will see “+” sign below click on that and add a stop. The app will also display a message below the screen asking to keep the stops less than three minutes. Add your stops and enjoy three stops in a single ride.


This feature will give an edge to Uber over the other cab hailing services as this is an advantageous feature as it is economical and time-saving and easy for the customer.

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