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10 Best whitening creams in Pakistan


In Pakistan, the beauty of a woman is judged on the basis of fairness and clarity of her skin, so that’s the reason the women in Pakistan are trying hard to become fair and pretty. Women in Pakistan have made this issue very serious that’s why they keep looking around for better and expensive whitening creams. We will share the list of top 5 whitening creams in Pakistan

  1. Derma Clear Skin Whitening Solution

Derma Clear skin whitening cream is enriched with powerful whitening agents that work efficiently on the brown spots on the skin. Vitamin C and fruit extracts in this cream slow down the darkening process which gives you better skin tone.

  1. Himalaya Herbal Natural Glow Fairness Cream

Himalaya Herbal Fairness Cream has a very high percentage of Phyto vitamin, a combination of saffron and alfalfa that gives you a better skin tone. It works perfectly on dark circles and dark spots on the face.

  1. Saeed Ghani Sandal Whitening Cream

Saeed Ghani is famous for its natural ingredient’s products. Their whitening cream is based on sandal extracts which can be easily detected from strong fragrances in the cream. Their natural ingredient products help you in the refining of pores, revitalizing of skin, protection from UV rays, and prevention from environmental damage.

  1. Garnier White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream

Garnier is one of the top brands with amazing skin care products. This whitening cream helps you to protect from UV rays, Instant whitening, and long-lasting fairness.

  1. Ponds White Beauty Day Cream with SPF 15

Ponds is one of the best brands that has proven itself a feat friend to our skin. The SPF 15 protects you from UV rays and gives your skin a fine tone. Its powder finish prevents the oil appearing on your face and will make you prettier and admirable.

  1. Clean and Clear Fairness Cream

Clean n Clear fairness cream helps you to get brighter skin tones and also to get rid of sun tan. This cream has less fragrance, but it is very effective. It is more effective to use it at night because it may give you white cast on the face which is not a look that you will like.

  1. Nivea Visage Sparkling Glow Fairness Cream

Nivea is very effective for those women who are a victim of oily skin. This cream works on bringing out the fair skin tones and also clarifies the skin from within.

  1. Lakeme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Day Cream

This cream helps you to protect your skin from UV damage with the help of sunscreen protection. It is also helpful to make the sin glow by skin polishing actions and dead cell removal.

  1. Olay Natural White Day Cream

The Olay natural white cream nourishes the skin with essential nutrient which gives you fresh, healthy and farrier look.

  1. Loreal Paris White Perfect Day Cream Spf17 Pa++ Whitening

This whitening cream helps you to get an instant glow, fine skin tone, fairer skin, anti-dark sports, and anti-pollution.

11.Fair and Lovely

12.Golden Pearl.


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