14 August 2019 : Facebook & WhatsApp Profile DPs, Cover Photos & Wallpapers


14 August 1947 is remembered as the independence day of Pakistan from British. The day when a new country rose to the world map and changed the course of world politics. But this freedom was gained not earned under the leadership of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah because of his hard work and dedication we gained a homeland. The basic reason behind working hard for Pakistan was that we needed a piece of land where we can practice our religion Islam without any fear and pressure but it doesn’t mean that there will be any hardships on the minorities as they are free to go to their sacred place with dignity and respectfully. As it can be noted from the flag as which contains two colors green and white.


The Day of Independence is a historical event in the history of Pakistan. Every year it is being celebrated as the National Holiday. The independence of Pakistan was the result of Pakistan Movement which aimed for the creation of an independent Islamic state.

The main ceremony takes place in the Capital Islamabad, where the National Flag is hoisted at the Presidential and Parliament buildings.

Now people like to celebrate events on social media forums so here we are presenting you the material to celebrate this day.

14 August Wallpaper

14 August DP for Facebook

14 August Cover Photos for Facebook

14 August WhatsApp DP

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