Asma Abbas Tied the Knot with a Married Man

Asma Abbas is a well-known legendary Pakistani actress, singer, producer and host. She is also known for her supporting roles in the Lollywood films and drama industry. She is a sister of Bushra Ansari and Sumbal Shahid and mother of super talented actress Zara Noor Abbas.

Recently, an old interview of Asma Abbas got viral where she was revealing about her marriage with a married man without knowing his first wife about it. She briefly explained in the public and to the host of the show about the marriage how they got married within the first two months of their meeting. She shared how she tied the knot with a man who was already married for ten years. Asma Abbas subjected that,

“He had no kids. His family used to pressurize him to have kids since he belonged to the gothic background, as you know how it works in such cases. His family elders wanted a child to carry on the name of the family.”

Asma admitted that there was no lack of love and understanding between his first wife and him. He used to tell his wife that even if he has to marry someone for the next ten lives, he would choose her and suddenly, he saw Asma and that’s the point where he changed. Like, we say those ‘butterflies’ type love. Asma met her husband when she was struggling at the Al-Hamra theatre. She said,

“I was 23-years-old. He’s very handsome, charming, and a good looking army officer, major everything a girl looks for in a man. I was so flattered and fascinated by him. He was caring and gave me a car when mine wasn’t working.”

Asma also stated that his wife wasn’t in the country and his first wife came to know about their wedding when she saw a picture of Asma and her husband in the magazine and she was hurt. But his first wife’s perspective changed when she had a conversation with Asma. As Asma Abbas said, she told her, see this (marriage) is done and it isn’t breaking any way possible neither Asma was ready to leave him nor his first wife so she said it is better to accept the reality and to come in good terms with the situation to live

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