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Biotechnology Park to be Set Up in Pakistan

The new regime under Prime Minister Imran Khan is hoping to bring huge changes in the country. The government aims at giving the best services and future to the generations to come. The government aims high at making the country a great place for the generations to come. The government aims at developing new areas for the long term betterment of the people. Since the day of inception of Fawad Chaudry as the Federal Minister of Science and Technology, a number of plans have come up. He is motivated to bring revolutionary changes in the country. In one of the recent ventures announced by the Federal Minister, he is determined to start a biotechnology park in close collaboration with the governments of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Fawad Chaudry met the UAE ambassador Hamad Obaid Ibrahimi a few days back. In the meeting both the representatives of their corresponding governments emphasized that they must come together in the name of collaboration and cooperation. It is this relationship that can make things better for both countries.

Fawad further added that he wants to create a research center in his country for a prosperous Pakistan. The UAE team ensures that will assist the Pakistani government in completing their ventures. Fawad Chaudary is hopeful that this collaboration, cooperation, and assistance will go a long way in the future rendering better results in the field of science and technology.

Before announcing his plans for the development of the Biotechnology Park the Minister also told the nation that he plans to send the first Pakistani into space by 2022. He explained that the lucky person to fly will be selected through a proper step by step procedure.

We wish the government will bring a great future for us so that we will have a new Pakistan.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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