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Blessed Friday Sales in Pakistan 2019


The concept of the ‘Black Friday’ sale is from a year back 1932 when the United States (US) sale traders decided to set prices to boost consumers’ spending just right before Christmas. However, the tradition has been set for this ‘Black Friday’ sale and is still roaming every year all around the world, also in Pakistan. But in Pakistan, we don’t name this sale as ‘Black Friday’ as Friday is a Holiday for all the Muslims and considered to be as ‘Eid’ for Muslims, so we name it as ‘Blessed Friday’ but the scenario is exactly the same. In these sales, all merchants and retailers from all around the world set a large part of sales at the end of the year for the Christmas and New Year eve. This very day, ‘Black Friday’ sales have been moved across the country and borders and made a well-established business tradition in many countries of the world including Pakistan, Canada, India, South Africa, the United Kingdom (UK), and many other Muslim countries.


‘Blessed Friday’ Sales in Pakistan:

Similarly, In Pakistan, the Blessed Friday sale is the busiest and beguiled day. Every year, many Pakistani stores are further joining in for the Blessed Friday sales, functions, fun and launching of the best discounts. The trend of this sale started from the year 2016, where we saw a huge rush on shopping malls of Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad but in 2015 there were only some stores who offered ‘Blessed Friday’ sales but by 2016, we caught a huge amount of sales and discounts in the whole country.

Popular ‘Blessed Friday’ Brands Sale Running 2019:

Popular ‘Blessed Friday’ sales of the year are around the corner on our favorite brands and stores. No matter whether it comes to shoes, grocery, outfits or what so ever, we do have sales entire on legit everything and we can’t wait to get our hands on amazing discounts and sales. Some of our favorite brands in Pakistan who are offering ‘Blessed Friday’ sales are as follows;

  • Daraz Upto 70%

  • Outfitters Upto 40%

  • Ideas by Gul Ahmed Upto 70%

  • Edenrobe Upto 50%

  • Stylo Flat 20%

  • Sapphire Upto 50%

  • Generations Flat 50%

  • Beechtree Upto 50%

  • Bonanza Satrangi Upto 40%

  • Warda Flat 30%

  • ChenOne Flat 35%

  • Mini Minors Upto 50%

  • Kayseria Flat 15% Upto 30%

  • Nishat Upto 50%

  • LimeLight Flat 25%

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