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CM Punjab Aims to Abolish Child Labor

One of the major problems that we as a nation are facing is the child labor problem. Pakistan is one country who has a very low literacy rate and children in many families have to start earning from a very young age because it is difficult for them to make both ends meet. This results in child labor as children rather than studying are found working in hotels, garage, shops, and other places just because they can earn some extra money for their family. Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has said that they are taking steps in order to eliminate child labor in the province.

Buzdar said that they are working to end child labor by introducing effective legislation as eliminating child labor is the mission of the Punjab government. The CM said that they will be making every effort that they can in order to eliminate child labor in the country. Child labor is a criminal offense in Pakistan and protecting the rights of the children is a necessity and special steps should be taken in this regard. The CM urged the citizens as well to understand their responsibility and help the government to abolish child labor.

He said that they will also educate the citizens on the adverse effect of child labor so that people avoid hiring children to get their work done. Usman Buzdar said that at an age when children should be focusing on their studies, they are working at different places which are against their rights. Child labor is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with not only in Punjab but everywhere else in the country. Children are the future of Pakistan and they should be studying so they can prosper in the future rather than working at any shop or hotel.


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