Ehd-e-Wafa Actress Alizeh Shah Got Proposed by Bahawalpur’s 60-year-old Nawab

Ehd-e-Wafa’s queen Alizeh Shah got proposed by Bahawalpur’s 60-year-old Uncle who offered 5000 tolas of gold to Alizeh on getting married and expressed his love for the new teenage actress. Alizeh Shah got fame with her role in drama serial Ishq Tamasha and blockbuster hit Superstar along Mahira Khan. Currently, roaming over our screens with her hits Jo Tu Chahy and Ehd-e-Wafa. Alizeh Shah is said to be the queen of hearts and received the ‘Best New Sensation’ award.

The 60-year-old man never got married in her entire life and had a major crush on Alizeh Shah and said that he would only need two months to collect the gold if Alizeh agrees. A local news platform covered this news of Shakeel Abbasi’s proposal for Alizeh Shah. Certainty, Old Shakeel Abbasi is a resident of Bahawalpur a city of Pakistan in Province Punjab. On being asked about the age difference between Alizeh and Shakeel, old Abbasi said “Yeh tou dil ki baat hoti hai aur dil tou bacha hai gee.” Also, when he got asked about never getting married to date he added that he didn’t like anyone much to get them married but he feels a deep connection with the new famous actress Alizeh Shah. It makes up a mess to even think that Alizeh is just 19 and this Bahawalpur’s old Shakeel Abbasi is 60, THAT’S A HUGE DIFFERENCE!

However, this is a disgrace as disgusted like when OLD men putting eyes on young girls just for the sake of fame and prospect is pretty off and so even offering 5000 tolas just to get married? … ABSURD INSANE! Is it a business proposal or what?

This is so disturbing to hear that Alizeh Shah does have some crazy fans out there. Alizeh Shah is a young Pakistani face who has gained so much fame and popularity plus love and appreciation for her acting skills and is still winning hearts enormously. Let’s make this clear, we all know Alizeh Shah is dating Noaman Sami, who is a marvelous actor himself and for sure they both make a beautiful couple.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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