Ali Rehman Khan Clarifies his Misbehaving with Mcdonald’s Employee

A Pashto-Urdu Pakistani movie and drama actor Ali Rehman Khan is well-known for his acting in movies, theaters, and as well in dramas. He got huge fan-following for his great work. He is the most charming and good looking man in our industry. But, recently we say actor Ali Rehman Khan misbehaving with Mcdonald’s employee and people do not like that for which he got bashed all over social media.

Through a 25 secs video, we don’t release the reason behind Ali Rehman’s anger that what the employee has said that made him talk in such a way. He was standing in front of the food-counter of Mcdonald’s and screaming at the employee so harshly to something maybe the cashier had said. Out of no way, at the restaurant he started screaming, “Am I joking to you?” to which cashier replied humbly, “Sir please, don’t get upset.” Of which, Ali Rehman used his ‘so-called’ fame rather which appeared threatening “Do you know me? Do you know who I am? Have you ever seen me on television? You are an employee and it is your job to listen to me what I say” to which the cashier continuously was saying “Please Sir, don’t be upset”. Regardless of anything, Ali was still being threatening and using his celebrity power and when he saw he was being recorded he stopped right at the moment and moved away.

Twitter seems to be extremely upset with actor Ali Rehman’s behavior and calling him “manner-less” and some saying “true face of the celebrity” while some users are claiming to wait and see the other side of the video.

After so many negative reactions, Ali Rehman Khan finally comes up with a statement and clarification over this viral video. In a video on Twitter, he claimed that the purpose of the video was to enhance the awareness among the people for very ‘SO-CALLED VIP’ cultural also he was happy that everyone else raised voice against his misbehavior and he thanked the staff of Mcdonald’s for co-operating on raising voice and awareness on this major issue.

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