Faiza Beauty Cream is Banned due to Side Effects

Beauty products are getting popular day by day, but a few people are aware of the fact that these beauty products can be harmful to your skin. The chemicals used in the products can damage the skin while the excessive quantity of cream can also be harmful. A similar case has happened in Pakistan where Faiza Beauty Cream has been banned by the authorities.

Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Association (PQSCA) has banned Faiza Beauty Cream from being sold in the market as it was revealed that it contains high mercury level. The limit set by the World Health Organization (WHO) is 1 mg/kg for skin products containing mercury. However, the level of mercury in Faiza Beauty Cream was found to be at 60 mg/kg, which is quite astonishing.

Manufactured by M/S Poonia Brothers, the beauty cream was sold all over the country. The cream contains carcinogenic ingredients that are harmful to the human body and the skin. The PQSCA has given several notices to Poonia Brothers regarding the issue but received no response from them. A final warning was issued on 28th November 2018 after which it was decided to ban the beauty cream.

As the company had not paid any heed to the notices, the authorities asked them to stop producing and selling the product in the market. The local product had been a hit in the market with the company spending millions of rupees on its advertisement and marketing. Faiza beauty cream has not given any official statement regarding the matter.

The beauty cream received a similar fate in UAE as well when it was banned over there as well. The reason for banning the cream was the same, i.e. it contains ingredients that are harmful to human skin and health. The Dubai Municipality said that the use of the cream is not safe for health.


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