Gilgit Baltistan Siachen Glacieris Opened for Tourists After 38 Years

Among the most challenging battlefields is the Siachen. It is one of the deadliest battlefields that have claimed the lives of several men over the last few decades. Due to its importance in the security of the country, it has been a bone of contention between the two rivals India and Pakistan. Siachen is popular for its height and for the challenging terrain. It is the longest mountain glacier in the world. The glacier is the part of the Karakoram Range and has a height of 5,400 meters. The name comes from the local Balti language. The word includes two words Sia and Chen that mean rose and abundance respectively. The area has fascinated the people always but it is not possible for them to visit the glacier because of the security concerns. People who have heard or listened about glacier have dreamt of visiting this place.

The dreams have now come to reality. The PTI government under the Prime Minister wants to bring more tourists to their country. In this way, they want to share a soft image of the motherland. They have developed a number of tourist areas that were for years ignored.

The government has announced a unique gift for the nation and the nature lovers all over the world. The government has announced recently that after more than three decades the people will be able to enjoy the white beauty of the Siachen Glacier. This white rose in the Karakoram Range will surely enthrall the expected visitors. They will be able to hike, trek and climb over the glacier with the assistance of the trained and well-versed guides to avoid any kind of accidental happening. The Pakistan Army will be responsible for doing all the necessary preparations.

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