Guide to PMA Long Course Initial Test


If you want to become an army soldier in the Pakistan Army, you have to clear the required tests to join Pak army. If you are unaware of the PMA Initial tests, then you are at right as we will guide you about the PMA initial tests.  The initial tests are held at candidates nearest ASRC and those candidates who are successful in initial tests are shortlisted and sent calls for ISSB.



There are total five tests that are held at ASRC which are following

  • Intelligence
  • Academic
  • Physical
  • Medical
  • Interview
  • Intelligence tests

In this test there are two types of MCQs are held which are verbal and nonverbal. In Verbal there are total 96 MCQs and the total time given Is 30 minutes. On the other hand, in nonverbal, there are 96 MCQs and the total time is 40 minutes.

Academic Tests

In Academic tests, there are different MCQs from Math, Physics, Pakistan Studies, and General Knowledge. The total MCQs are 50 and the total time is 40 minutes. If a candidate passes all these tests, then he will be called for physical otherwise better luck next time.

Physical Tests:

After successful Intelligent tests, the candidates need to pass the physical test in order to proceed further.

Serial NoTypeTotalTime given
1Running2.2km8 minutes and 30 sec
2Chin-up3 repetition2 min
3Pushup15 repetition2 min
4Sit up15 repetition2 min


Medical Tests

The successful candidates after physical tests called for the medical test which is conducted in CMH by Army medical staff. In medical tests, the staff checks the candidate weight, height, chest, knee knocking, flat foot, eye-sight, teeth, and bones testing.  The candidates who will pass the medical test will be called for an interview otherwise they will be rejected by the Army medical staff.


After completing all tests, finally, the candidate called for initial interview. The interview is conducted by major and LT Col brigadier at ASRC. They will ask about the education, parents background, General Knowledge, current affairs and personality questions. If the candidate clears the interview, he will get a call for ISSB for final selection otherwise rejected.

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