Konnect Customer Service App by HBL

(Last Updated On: 21/01/2019)

Konnect by HBL is a financial services solution that provides simple account opening, instant funds transfers, consistent payments at retail outlets and e-commerce websites and access to a variety of financial services.

Your Konnect Account is a branchless banking account labeled to your mobile number. Your mobile number will eventually become your Konnect Account number. With this account, you can efficiently conduct banking on-the-go.

You can open a Konnect Account by visiting any of the Konnect Shops, HBL Biometric ATMs, through Konnect Mobile App or SMS.

The perks of this account include:

  • Bill payment
  • Funds Transfer
  • Send money to CNIC
  • Mobile & Internet top-ups
  • Shopping at Konnect Shops
  • International home remittance
  • Donation and Zakat payment
  • Institutional payments
  • Loan repayments

With Konnect Home Remittance Account, you can receive cash from overseas directly in your account most suitably and efficiently. Also, you will also get a free mobile top-up on every USD 100 or equivalent of international remittance received.

You can enroll for a Konnect Account through any of the accompanying channels:

  • Konnect Mobile App
  • Konnect Shop
  • HBL Biometric ATM
  • SMS

All you need is a Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) registered SIM in your name and a valid CNIC to open your Konnect Account.

There are three types of Konnect Accounts: Level 0, Level 1, Level 2. Each of them has different transaction limits.
Helpline: You can contact the Konnect Customer Care at 021-111-425-111.

Agent Locator:

Konnect Shops are spread crossover Pakistan and offer you the convenience of banking and fund-transferring outside banking hours.

Once you are a Konnect Account holder, you can access all the above-mentioned features at any Konnect Shop or through Konnect Mobile App.


There is no yearly expense or charges for opening a Konnect Account. However, transactions using the Konnect Account are liable to transaction charges by HBL’s Schedule of Bank Charges.

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