“Laila O’ Laila” Balochi Song Ali Zafar Duet with Urooj Fatima

A little while ago Ali Zafar recorded breathe taking the voice of multi-talented, and a young singer “Yashal Shahid”, Ali Zafar has again proved that you cannot be a star if you cannot shine for others. This time Ali Zafar has teamed up with a 12-year-old Balochi girl from Quetta “Urooj Fatima”, discernible her debut with the traditional Balochi song ‘Laila O Laila’ along with brilliant rock star Ali Zafar. Urooj Fatima expressed that the superhero of “Teefa In Trouble” Ali Zafar had been an inspiration for her throughout and took him as her idol, and further she manifested that her dream was to record a song with Ali Zafar and her dream turned into reality. She belongs to a region where girls are not allowed to chase their dreams and Ali Zafar took no time to record this folk song. Urooj Fatima is a UNICEF’s teenage champion.

The video of the song highlighted the beauty and tradition of the Balochistan and the voyage of young little girl Urooj Fatima. Super talented girl was very excited for this song and took twitter to share her excitement with her friends, family, and fellow teenage girls; she says that she cannot wait more, be ready on Friday “Laila O Laila”, Further she thanked Ali Zafar and says he is an inspiration for her. To this Ali Zafar shared music video clips on his twitter and Instagram account which got viral all over the social media and his fans are obsessing over his and Urooj Fatima’s voice by commenting and sharing it further. Some of the fans mentioned that although they cannot understand the folk language but still the vocals of this song are super amazing.

It is very inspiring and adoring that how he is helping aspiring new young generation of Pakistan to pursue their dreams through music and art in regions like Balochistan for especially girls. The vocals of the folk song are enthralling and enjoyable, We thank Ali Zafar for bringing such talent out, we need talented young people like Urooj Fatima and Yashal Shahid not only for stable industry but also fulfill their dreams as they want. More to this, we all wish Urooj Fatima for a bright future and more, more, and more success to achieve, and pray all her dreams to turn into reality.

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Arooj Ahmed
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