List of Countries for Visa on Arrival : Welcome to Pakistan

Pakistan, also known as the Land of Pure, has faced unfavorable circumstances since the last decade. Such incidents include terrorist labels being given to its people, no trust or faith in the economy, lack of foreign investment and last but not least, the decline in foreign tourists visiting Pakistan.

Such circumstances have taken a drastic u-turn thanks to the current government in the ruling, the PTI government. The PTI government under the presidency of Arif Alvi & Prime Minister Imran Khan has made a remarkable journey in a move toward a prosperous Pakistan, a Naya Pakistan. Such initiatives including inviting 50 countries to avail of the visa on arrival facility. The visa on arrival is of such a nature that aims to facilitate the user of not needing to apply for a visa beforehand, rather just show their respective passport eligible for the service and avail it swiftly.

The 50 countries covered for this unique and desired visa offer come from all over the globe. The aim of the visa on arrival is to boost the economy by inviting facilitation in tourism. Tourism is expected to bless the nation with various benefits. Such benefits include an increase in revenue through foreign visitors, thriving local communities, productive media coverage, the motivation of building tourism-friendly facilities and much more.

The visa on arrival announcement has already been receiving a favorable response by many foreigners, mainly vloggers, visiting the main cities of Pakistan: Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi to raise awareness of Pakistan, its beauty and the fact that it is a safe country.

Vloggers taking advantage of visa on arrival facility have been popular in terms of spreading the love for the nation, its rich culture and values through digital platforms. Youtube and Instagram serve as the most preferred platforms for such coverage and awareness. The Northern Areas of the country such as Hunza and Skardu have received endless love from the international hiking and expedition community for the serene beauty of the mountains and warmth from the locals.

Pakistan is one of the best emerging economies of Asia and the visa on arrival facility is one of the best strategies to further complement it.

List of Countries for Visa on Arrival:

List of Countries for Visa on Arrival(Tourist)

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