Malaysian Women Wrestler Phoenix is Breaking All Stereotypes

Women are often facing problems where they are constantly reminded that they are not better than men. Not only this, there are different stereotypes that women have to face and one such stereotype is in the field of wrestling where it is considered difficult for a female wrestler to beat a male wrestler. But now things are changing thanks to Malaysia’s Phoenix, the first-ever hijab-wearing women wrestling who is breaking down all the barriers of success for women in the field of wrestling. In an amazing turn of events, Phoenix defeated four men in order to be crowned the Malaysian wrestling champion.

Phoenix is working in a male-dominated industry but even that has not held her dreams of her holding the championship belt which she got after defeating four male wrestlers. Weighing only 43 kilograms and 155 centimeters long, Phoenix is extremely agile in the ring and that is what makes her different from the rest of the people. Her speed is not a match for anyone including the male wrestlers. She says that she is a Muslim and wears Hijaab and nothing can stop her from doing what she does the best. Phoenix takes part in the much popular Malaysian Pro Wrestling which is often compared to the WWE of US.

Phoenix says that she is shy and soft-spoken and has a day job of working in a hospital. But she is totally different when she is in the wrestling ring as she can do things which people can’t even imagine of. She is fast in the ring and wants to win every time she enters in the ring. Phoenix says that towards the start it was difficult for her but she enjoyed the support of her family and is now looking to touch great heights of success.


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