“Mera Bacha Alert” App to Trace Missing Children & Child Abuse Cases : PM Imran Khan

For over the last few years the parents of young girls and boys are in hot waters. It has become a crucial time as regardless of gender every child’s safety is at stake. It has become a huge challenge to leave the child unattended or send outside the home to have some fun time. The cases are not just limited to the demand of ransom now but the things have become really cursing. The kids kidnapped are sexually abused and left in isolated areas after being abused. The province of Punjab is the worst stricken part of the country. Most of the cases are reported here. The worse hit city in recent times is that of Qasur. From the porn videos of the young kids followed by the Zainab case and now the murder of four kids, all were from the district of Qasur. This is a grave situation.

After the recent event of the ruthless killing of the four young boys the government of Pakistan has finally took up the task of dealing with the matter very strictly. The people are not happy with how the police cater to the complaints. The Prime Minister after discussing the matter in the cabinet meeting finally announced on Tuesday that they will be launching a new App with the name of Mera Bachcha Alert App. The Prime Minister has given just two weeks to start this App and to deal with the child abduction cases effectively in the least possible time. He was committed that the things have to be streamlined before they actually go out of the hands.

The alert app will be used by the parents to launch the complaint in case their child goes missing. The complaint would reach the office of the inspector general of the police of the respective provinces along with the other concerned officers. Mera Bacha Alert” application will be connected with the Pakistan Citizen Portal.

The App would work in connection with the already running Citizen Portal so that the entire scenario is closely monitored at every stage. The entire plan was made public through a press release that was issued by the Media Wing of the PM office. The PM, on the other hand, praised the efforts of the officials who had ultimately reached the culprit in the recent Qasur event. He added that once these culprits are penalized and punished it would be a lesson for all those involved in such heinous crimes.

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