Mohsin Abbas Haider, Fatema Sohail Head Towards Seperation

The domestic saga of Mohsin Abbas Haider and wife Fatema Sohail is hidden from no one after the latter accused Mohsin of domestic violence and cheating on her. Things got difficult when a lot of people came out in support of Fatema and accused Mohsin of doing the wrong things. And it looks like the couple is now all set to go on different tracks after Fatema Sohail filed for separation from Mohsin Abbas. The separation papers were filed by Barrister Ehtesham in the family court of Lahore. Fatema had said that Mohsin would drag her, kick her, and punch her and made her life miserable.

In the petition, Fatema said that Mohsin was having extramarital affairs with other women while she was subjected to domestic violence. In her petition, Fatema said that she doesn’t want to be with Mohsin anymore and has had enough of him for the last four years. Fatema requested the court to accept her Khula appeal so that she doesn’t have to live with the actor again and go through the torture that she has been going through for the last four years. Mohsin Abbas Haider has already been found guilty of threatening his wife by Lahore session court.

Mohsin Abbas also released a statement in which he said that he is happy to hear the news of Khula as it will end the 4-year torture that he was going through while being married to Fatema Sohail. The actor further blamed Fatema for having extramarital affairs when the two were married and also accused her of doing drugs and telling this to the kids of his family. Mohsin in his statement further said that marrying Fatema was the worst decision of his life which he regrets but now things are sorted out and everything will return to normal and he can’t thank the Almighty enough for it.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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