7 Must Follow Pakistani Engagement Rasam and Traditions

The wedding rituals of the Asian and especially south Asian countries are extremely rich and fascinating. They are full of colors. The festivity of the occasion is unmatched. The time is not just memorable for the bride and the groom but the entire family. Getting the right venue, right location, perfect décor takes a great deal of time. It is not just an hour’s game. It requires hard work and planning for the months. In this wedding celebration, the first and foremost thing is the engagement. The dreamy begins with what people in the local language call “Mangni.”

As the proposal goes from the family of the groom to the family of the bride and it is accepted the preparations begin. The couple has to exchange rings to announce the matrimonial relation that is about to be materialized. This ceremony is equally important in the culture of Pakistan just like the wedding. The rituals and the reasons vary from family to family and province to province because Pakistan is a country with diverse culture.

  • First thing after the proposal acceptance and before the engagement is the prayer. The Muslim families arrange a Quran khwani while the people of other religions do it in their respective manner.
  • A special dress is sent to the bride and the groom from their in-laws that have to be worn on their special day.
  • The Mangni ceremony is not very complex and not many people are invited.
  • The close relatives are invited from both sides.
  • On the Engagement mangni day, the groom’s family brings sweets and fruits.
  • The rings are then exchanged between the couple.
  • Either it is done by the elderly person of the family (as it happens in the rural areas) or performed by the couple itself (as in the urban areas).

Pakistani Engagement Rasam Videos

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