Rabi Pirzada Leaked Video Scandal!

Rabi Peerzada is a Pakistani television host and a pop singer also she is a daughter of a Pakistani former army officer, Major Humayun Peerzada. She gained attention in 2017 when she criticized Bollywood films and actor Salman Khan blaming them for promoting crime among the young generation. Recently, social media is buzzing over with Rabi Peerzada’s leaked nude pictures and video which got viral controversy and speculation of who leaked them. Some of the social media users applauded her role and some subjected her to strong criticism.

On 1st November 2019 Rabi Peerzada’s extremely personally video went viral which grabbed huge public attention and a special trend on twitter and other social media apps. According to the details, Rabi Peerzada came to public notice after Neelum Muneer shared her dance video on her Instagram account which she did for Kaaf Kagan, A project of ISPR. The leaked videos, as well as the pictures, went viral on social media a day before Rabi Peerzada criticized DG Asif Ghafoor for justifying Neelum Muneer’s item song. A video clip shows a woman Rabi Peerzada undressed before the camera has cyberbullying worry about the reverberations of filming sexually clear-cut media of ourselves.

Some users expressed disgust at those asking for the leaked videos and such sensitive clips. Many criticized and many supported her on this issue. A person said that one should not disclose anyone’s secrets because Allah Almighty loves that person who covers other’s bad deeds. Some are calling others to refrain from harassing the pop singer. While some users are beginning to change their display picture with of Rabi Peerzada’s in a bid to sympathize with her hankering others to stop scandalizing someone’s personal life.

Rabi Peerzada has been making headlines one after another for the past few days, now considering her streak individual wonders if the latest news is the part of the plan too because nothing can be trusted these days. But seriously, if this isn’t planned and is a leaked extremely private video of Rabi Peerzada’s that has gone viral, obviously who wants to get the attention of their bodies but what it is the culprit needs to be reported and made to serve the due punishment of cyberbullying and harassment.

YouTube video
YouTube video
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2 Replies to “Rabi Pirzada Leaked Video Scandal!”
  • Seagull
    17/11/2019 at 9:48 AM

    Rabi is a bold prostitute of Pakistan. She left behind many prostitutes in this industry

    • Seagull
      17/11/2019 at 10:11 AM


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