Shoutout to PriceOye for Raising $450,000 in Seeding Fund

Pakistan’s largest price comparison shopping website PriceOye based in Islamabad Pakistan, Founded in 2015. The service compares the prices of mobile phones and other technology accessories all across the country in online stores, It was launched in Public Beta in mid of the February in 2016. PriceOye has raised $450,000 in a seeding fund round led by Fatima Ventures, Kinetico and Artistic Ventures. These are the companies alongside with PriceOye to raise the fund for seeding. PriceOye raises seeding funds with 73% market share PriceOye is the largest E-Commerce aggregator specifically a smart platform that lists the prices of a product on different online stores all across Pakistan allowing buyers to compare the prices.

Co-founder and CEO of PriceOye, Adnan Shaffi believes that they are exactly solving the problems for online shoppers by creating a single platform for the audience to gather all important information for making purchases it is much easier for them to do so. Adeel Shaffi Co-Founder and VP Engineering expressed his excitement on playing a huge part in the growth of the E-Commerce business as more and more businesses are tapping into its potential. He says, what we see is 5% of their grand vision for PriceOye. He further included that shopping comparison will grow as E-Commerce grows though the signs of which are extremely positive. He further says that they are incredibly excited to be a part of it. While Adnan Shaffi says, they are solving a definite problem for online shoppers and an overwhelming majority of shoppers make up their mind after visiting at least three different online stores. He further says that they have designed PriceOye to be the only website we need for gathering our important information on our next purchases what so ever.

Ahmed Javed, Director Artistic Ventures lauded the efforts or the PriceOye online shopping website, adding that it has enormous growth which will lead to huge success and potential owing to the untapped aggregator market in Pakistan. With the enormous support of investors, PriceOye has also set its eyes on global expansion to improve a consumer’s online shopping experience as a whole.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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