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The Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia to Start English Channel Soon

The three Muslim countries Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia have geared up to initiate an English language channel to counter the possible outcomes of Islam phobia. The announcement was made after the leaders of the three countries had a trilateral meeting. The Prime Ministers of Pakistan and Malaysia and the President of Malaysia were enthusiastic enough to tell the world that Islam is much different than what they have actually perceived. It is a far more tolerant, patient and peaceful religion than what the people are actually thinking in the West.

The three leaders Imran Khan, Tayyip Erdogan and Mahathir Mohammad were in New York to attend the 74th UNGA session. At the end of the meeting, the three expressed their desire of launching an English channel. The purpose is actually countering the threats faced by Islam and the Muslims due to the Islam phobia. This concept nurtured after the 9/11 and is cursing the Muslims living away from the Muslim countries. It is an equally scary situation for the religion too.

In support of this desire the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan tweeted that the channel would help in giving the positive impression of the religion. The aim is to clarify the misperceptions that are widespread among the people of the western world. In order to do so, he added that they would be preparing and presenting the real picture of Islam through a series of well-searched films and documentaries. The channel would let the people see the glory of the Islamic history and how it actually spread across the globe. This would have equal benefits for the Muslims too and especially the youth that is growing up in such turbulent global conditions where they feel unsafe and at stake all the time. This would facilitate them further in addressing the problem of blasphemy too.

According to the statement issued by the permanent representative to the United Nations Maleeha Lodhi the purpose of this decision is actually “to promote the narrative of Muslims to counter Islam phobia, cooperate in the area of film and also establish a joint TV channel”. The three leaders are keen to explore the talent within their respective states to carry out the research in the respective fields.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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