Waqar Zaka Confronts Irfan Junejo

For the last few days, the Irfan Junejo has become the top trend on twitter. It is all because of his standpoint on the Kashmir issue. His refusal to make any video regarding the Kashmir issue was bitterly criticized throughout the social media. The people who were expecting that he will share something valuable on the issue of Kashmir were disappointed by his attitude. They not just added harsh comments for him but at the same time stopped following him on different forums as well. After all this noise Irfan Junejo decided to defend his stance and so came up with another video describing why he did so. There was nothing about Kashmir in the new video as well.

The video tells how people made him feel bad with bad words. The video clearly tells how stressed he felt while listening to what the people were saying. It was a kind of propaganda to influence him. He made it clear that despite all this he would never express his views on the topics that are controversial like the religion or the politics.

Soon after the video from Irfan Junejo Waqar Zaka came up with his video. Waqar is one of the people who are always there to call out the people when he feels they are doing something wrong. Waqar told the viewers that the video by Irfan Junejo is just an eyewash. According to Waqar Zaka, Irfan said so in order to regain the confidence of the followers that are moving away from him.

Waqar was not happy that instead of the Kashmir issue Irfan Junejo is being considered as the top trend on twitter. He said that Irfan came up with the new video because no views from the other You Tubers have come up on social media. Waqar thinks that Irfan Junejo is nothing but a liar.

YouTube video


YouTube video
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