Zarnish Khan Got Married at the age of 17

Ishq Zehnaseeb is not less worthy than Meray Pass Tum Ho if we compare the two dramas on the basis of their cast and story. Meray Pass Tum Ho has cast but Ishq Zehnaseeb has cast and story. Its cast has the inclusion of Sonya Hassan- who makes the role more beautiful, Zahid Ahmed- whose acting skills can make a person to bite all of their nails and sit at sofa because of suspense, Sami Khan- whose expressions connect drama with emotions, and Zarnish Khan- whose beauty and acting is worthy to appreciate.

Zarnish Khan is not so senior actress but she made her name in few years. The award-winning actress is known for Sehra Mein Safar, Sunn Yara, Susral Mera and this going on drama. She has been in lead cast in numerous serials and many of them received high TRPs and appreciation.

Although Zarnish is famous, no one knows about her personal life and marital life. Yet, in media, nothing remains secret. Recently, the actress revealed many things about her life when she came as a guest in Bol Nights with Ahsan Khan, in September which was aired on Bol Entertainment channel.

In the show, she said that she was married when she 17 years old to a person whom she knew since childhood. She further said that her parents, husband, and in-laws support her in every walk of life. She told the viewers and host that she is settled in Dubai and come to Pakistan for shoot and projects. She gave credit for her success to her parents and husband.

Zarnish Khan is star to her father. She learned to cook from her husband. Her in-laws were very close friends of her family. Her mother-in-laws liked Zarnish, since she was a child and wanted to marry her son with today’s actress.

Zarnish’s entry in the media and drama industry was sudden. It was not planned. She wanted to go in medical and then fashion designing but she found herself not capable of them. Then, her mother’s friend suggested her to come in media and that’s how she stepped in dramas.

Zarnish Khan is a stunning actress and model who receives a lot of support from her family.

YouTube video
YouTube video
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