Fashion Model Zara Abid Passes Away in PIA Plane Crash


Aspiring Fashion Model Zaira was onboard when PK 8303 crashes yesterday near Karacho from its way to Lahore


Pakistan International Airlines Flight PK8303 crashed yesterday near Karachi Airport just a minute before landing. There were a total of 99 people passengers on board along with eight crew members. The eyewitnesses told that Airbus attempted to land 3 to 4 times before crashing in Model Colony.

Today, Sindh Official confirmed that there are only two survivors from the 99 passengers on board PIA A320, Zafar Masud and Zubair. The other 97 have been confirmed dead.

A few moments after the crash the news of Fashion Model Zara Abid present on the plane started circulating. However, there was uncertainty if she was dead or she survived.

Reports of her death started circulating late night yesterday and Freiha Altaf was the first one who came forward first on wrote. She wrote, “PIA plane crash. Our fashion model Zara Abid on the list of passengers. I’m devastated. #allahkhair #piaplanecrash.”


However, Zara’s brother was still hoping and waiting for an official update if she survived or not.

He shared, “They are not telling us anything yet. I’m in the emergency section of Jinnah Hospital Right now where they are bringing all the victims. They are telling that some have been brought, some are dead, and some are burned, and Zara is in neither of them yet.”

Zara Abid was a talented and popular name of Pakistan Fashion Industry and just won the Best Female Model award at Hum Style Awards’ 2020. She has worked with each and every top designed in this Industry like Sana Safinaz and was all set to debut in Azeem Sajjad’s film Chaudhry.

Today, the Sindh Government confirmed that there are only two survivors from the ill-fated crash. Out of 99, 97 passengers have been confirmed dead and Zara Abid was one of them. We all were hoping for her to make but sadly she couldn’t.

All the fellow actors and models are paying her tribute on social media by calling her “passionate and hardworking.” Turkish actress “Esra Bilgic” also paid her condolences to the family and friends of Zara Abid.

Our prayers are with Zara and all those who lost their lives in this crash. May their souls rest in eternal peace.

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