How to Register Mountain Dew Gamers Arena


What is Mountain Dew Gamers Arena?

Mountain dew and Jazz present you with a mountain dew gamers arena, Pakistan’s biggest gaming tournament that you can participate in at home and show your skills. Mountain dew is bringing you a tournament that you can participate in easily at home to spend time during the quarantine.


By participating in this tournament, you can get a chance to play with other gamers in Pakistan and show them your skill and you will get a chance to win 1 million rupees at home. This is the best way to spend your quarantine. The game you can participate in is PUBG Mobile which is one of the most popular games right now.

How to Registration:

You should not wait for anything and register for the tournament right now. The registration is pretty simple and I will show you step by step how to register.

First you have to go to the website www.dga.gamenow.pk and once you go there, you need to click the registration option on the left of the page. Once you click registration, you need to select the Qualifier you need to participate in. Different qualifiers have different prizes and you have a choice of four qualifiers.


After selecting the qualifier, the website will ask you for your team details, you just simply need to type in your team’s name and a link to your team’s logo. Then they will ask you for details about the team’s captain. The captain should give them all the details that are asked for example the captain’s name, nickname, email, CNIC etc.

After those details they will ask you for details about the other players in the team so you should just type in all the details about every single team member and then finally click on submit to confirm and then your registration is complete. A message will pop up on top of the page that will say “Registered Successfully”.

Confirmation email and Discord:

Later the captain of the team will get a confirmation email and the whole process will finally be complete and you will be a participant of the Mountain Dew Gamers Arena tournament. The captain will also receive a discord link in the email to connect with the game admins.

So what are you waiting for? If you are a big fan of PUBG and want to win a million rupees, go to Dew Gamers Arena website and register right now.

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