Hum Tv Drama Serial “Mushk” Cast, Story & OST


The old and cliché-plotted Tum Ho Waja is now replaced by Mushk. Do you what is Mushk and when it will air? The good news that it begins to air on Hum TV from yesterday at 8 pm on Monday. However, you might be thing why you should watch it but there are many reasons Scroll down to know the details of the drama serial.


Cast of Drama Serial “Mushk” :

Mushk is the creation of Imran Ashraf, our true Bhola. Haven’t we watched Tabeer and find it emotional and heart-wrenching because of the amazing performance and dialogues of the characterS. That script was crafted by our Bhola. However, the script of Mushk is a collaboration between Tabeer’s writer and Yeh Dil Mera’s scriptwriter. Therefore, the plot is too amazing as it has different layers. If you have watched the first episode then you have surely understood by the change of character from strong to weak and weak to strong. Take an example of Moomal Sheikh who is shown weak character that roams around and accepts everything what bold Urwa does while some scenes show how she used to be a free spirit in future. Besides, the transformation of Osama Tahir from heart-throb young man to terrible man in the jail who remembers his past and sat back.


It seemed from the episode that each character has a different shade and layer.

Story of Drama Serial “Mushk”:

The drama serial has brought old, senior and not-so-old actors together in one platform. After all, it marked the comeback of Urwa Hocane, our Udaari heroine, and Moomal Sheikh after a long time. Besides, the serial has Osama Tahir, Raheel of Dar Se Jati Sila. Mushk will let you see our favourite Bhola, Imran Ashraf. The actor would have some grey role that is sure to amaze us as his complex and insecure character in Kahin Deep Jalay where his financial status and incomplete-knowledge about his wife’s past made him insecure and complex.

Moreover, its ost is not so bad. After all, AliiZafar has sung it and left not a stone to make as awe with lyrics and awe with the music.

So these are the three main reasons why you should watch Mushk. Mushk means perfume in Urdu and the story is not less than fragrance as there so many characters and each character has some past that has affected their present and shifted their roles. Therefore, tune your remotes to HUMTV every Monday and watch the serial. You won’t regret it.

OST of Drama Serial “Mushk” :

The Teaser of Drama Serial “Mushk”:

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