Churails Web Series Season1 Review

Churails, the proclaimed masterpiece of Asim Abbasi, has blockbuster the industry since the day of its premiere. It is recently on air on Zee5 with a total of 10 episodes, hooking the viewers up for more with each episode.

Before diving into the details of this web series, first, answer this question. Have you ever seen men accused of any verdict and then get justly punished for it too? No, right. Historically, blaming women for every misdeed man does and still expect them to be the best is an essential part of society. Abbasi has the same view of our prevailing societal norms.

Asim Abbasi has confidently highlighted this controversial nature of the present society. He beautifully folds his newly releases web series Churails in the wraps of the most ironic and more likely controversial strategies for the defined attire with which women of this world are being treated for centuries.

The plot, in general, revolves around a story of four rivalry women, identified as a lawyer and a housewife, an alcoholic wedding planner, a convicted murderer, and, last of all, a young woman who seeks ultimate love and success in the competitive world of boxing.

Belonging to different positions of life, they are seemingly so different. Yet ends up meeting with each other at a point where they relatably become partners in crime. These four together then initiates a business offering a spy on service on the believably cheating spouses.

However, it is just a piece of the puzzle, and a lot more are still in the veil.

In short, it is not a simple web series that people can only view for enjoyment but also a complete source of awareness about the issues that are hidden yet shouting to the nerves. It portrays a perfect picture of domestic violence such as forced marriages, physical or mental abuse, sexual assault, most commonly harassment, and many more.

It is a serial that every man and woman should watch to turn the real victims down and take the necessary steps for the ones who are suffering. It indirectly reflects a gateway to the most unbearable realities of this society that women are tolerating based on the defined societal perspectives of women who are responsible for all.

Notably, it is, in general, a beautiful creation of Asim Abbasi, who left no blank space to be questioned upon so far. From presenting highly talented actors like Sarwat Gillani, Nimra Bucha, Mehrbano, and Yasra Rizvi as the lead to the cohesively enthralling plot story, it has made this content worthy enough to watch.

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