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Journalist Ali Salman Alvi Arrested for Killing his Wife Sadaf


Journalist and producer, Ali Salman Alvi, was arrested under the allegations of killing his wife Yousuf Colony in Rawalpindi on Wednesday noon.


The FIR was registered on June 29 against Alvi by his sister-in-law, Marium Zahra, who said that the produced called her and said that Sadaf had done something with her. The lady said that she ran to her sister’s home with her husband and found Sadaf’s body hanged to the fan with bedsheet that was tied around her neck.

The complaint-filer said that Alvi has beaten Sadaf numerous times and the family warned him for years but he did not stop abusing his wife.

According to the reports, Sadaf, tweeted once about domestic violence and made a thread on it on Twitter in which she discussed about violence and said that she would take part in Aurat March for her daughters and herself.


The news went viral on social media on Wednesday and users start trending #JusticeforZahra.

Digital Rights Foundation Director retweeted the thread and said that the lady who made thread on twitter about domestic violence and encourage participation in Aurat March has suffered herself of violence and died of it.

Journalist Asma Shirazi tweeted that the media team was shocked to come to know that the producer of their show do violence; therefore, they terminated him and condemned what he has done.

Lawyer Khadija Siddiqui tagged Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari and DRPP and urged authorities to take action against the producer.

Airport Police Station officer SHO Jawad Shah said to the media that Alvi was arrested and in Police custody under section 302 of Pakistan Penal code since the incident was reported. He further said that report of autopsy would be given to them soon and then would conclude if it was the case of domestic violence.

Violence has been increasing the most in this world of digitization, even though education and awareness has been increased. It seems that something is lacking in the system due to which men think that it is okay if they beat their daughters, wives and mothers or rape in darkness and silence.

Recently, a bill has been passed about domestic violence as reported by Human Rights Minister on the same day when the incident occurred. Hope the bill would bring positive change in society and let women enjoy freedom and have peace.

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