Nikkah Now Declared an Invalid Marriage Ceremony in the UK

Nikkah is a marriage contract according to Islamic laws. Muslims all over the world sign a marriage contract and accept their partner for the whole life. In the UK, where a considerable number of Muslims live and spread their culture, Nikkah will no longer be considered a legal marriage ceremony.

Two years ago, The UK’s Court of Appeal had revised the decision that Nikkah is a legitimate way of marriage. Later the verdict was challenged by the Attorney General. The court of Appeal rules that the wedding ceremony with the only nikkah is a Non-Qualifying ceremony. Nikkah ceremonies are not taken place in the registered building that is a specific place for marriages. Also, no certificates have issued to both parties after nikkah.

This verdict clearly says that a massive community of Muslims will no longer organize civil marriages except in registered buildings for weddings. They need to go into registered buildings and get the marriage certificate from there like Christians and Jews.

In a previous decision which was given under 1973 Matrimonial, Justice Willaim act says that it is listed that the Nikkah contract should be considered a marriage contract in the United Kingdom. The attorney general challenged the verdict and now nikkah will no longer qualify a valid marriage ceremony in the United Kingdom.

The court gave the decision in a divorce case of Muhammad Shahbaz and Nasreen Akhtar. The couple separated their ways in 2016. Mohammad Shahbaz opposed and blocking his wife’s divorce petition by saying that they had been married according to Islamic laws.

Meanwhile, Nasreen Akhter argued that marriage is legal. Because, it has done under the Nikkah contract, which is necessary in Islam. The divorced couple should get the settlement just like other couples in the UK.

The decision means that Muslims in the UK should organize civil marriages as Christians and Jews do. The verdict now clarifies civil marriage is compulsory with the Nikkah ceremony as per UK law. All Muslim couples should be required to take part in civil weddings in the registrar office and get a marriage certificate.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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