Umar Akmal’s Caption Trends on Twitter in India After Goes Viral

Kamran Akmal’s Brother Umar Akmal is a famous Pakistani cricketer and is known for his One Day International debut on 1st August 2009 opposing Sri Lanka. He is a right-hand batsman supporting the role of Batsman Occasional and Wicket-keeper. Previously, sometimes Umar Akmal got trolled for his captions on his pictures but this time this thing is huge as he trends on twitter on number #2 in India after his caption of the picture goes viral. He is not new to controversies; he always finds a way to be the headline with his performance on the pitch. Umar Akmal will be playing for Quetta Gladiators in PSL Pakistan Super League 2020.

Internet got no chills either the cricketer Umar Akmal, the picture caption on Twitter was supposed to be “brother from another mother” but ended up “mother from another brother”. Little later realizing the blunder Umar Akmal deleted the tweet but it was quite late and the audience took the screenshots and went viral by making him on top of trends in India by the following hashtag #UmarAkmalQuote on number #2.

The neighboring country kept throwing meme after meme and left amused by showing the starving of entertainment they look around. I mean, I agree, we Pakistani’s never missed any chance to troll anything but the Indian fellows were absolutely next level, Hahaha! But the thing is, where people were criticizing Umar Akmal some were showering love all the way by supporting him. So yeah, it is how this social media game works.

Here are some hilarious memes by the fellow country following the hashtag #UmarAkmalQuote:

An Indian girl tweeted on Twitter, “A doctor a day keeps the apple away”

And others tweeted, “If you are free at something, never do it for good”

Some basically loved Umar Akmal’s whole mood and tweeted, “Umar Akmal is best. Unknowingly does sarcastic tweets.”

Some posted his family picture and tweeted, “Everything is Family” and left us awful we should not troll someone’s family in any case. Like, let’s just be considerate to that individual and troll in a constructive manner and stop being personal!

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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