SIX Things Should Change about Pakistani Dramas


Pakistani playwright, dramatist, and a scriptwriter Haseena Moin gave us so many reasons and priceless gems to fall in love with her. But, now when we have to settle for less we can’t stuck at them. I, you and everyone, we should stop watching these dramas to go far away from negativity our dramas script shows and plays nowadays. At least, I refuse to sit down every evening and stare at someone who’s tortured endlessly for marital problems. It is alright to play a role, act on it but where are our scripts leading us to? IT IS A LOAD OF CRAP! It doesn’t mean we don’t have serious dramas earlier, but there were healthy masterpieces drama options Dhoop Kinary, Waris, Parchaiyaan, Taal Motal no less to any other. These are the serials that genuinely made us laugh and gave us the happiest vibe for like good 30 minutes which never felt wasted but they will make you smile, laugh and sometimes shed a tear or two. There are six main reasons which I think is a big change in this era of our industry;


*Wears little or no makeup

The actress used to wear little or no makeup. Wakes up in the morning and brushes her hair like a normal girl. No formalities or filters were needed. There was no need to photoshop themselves.

* No Saas bahu or Shohar biwi conflicts

Why does now everything all about other women, other men, the mother in law and daughter in law. Why we still revolving around such issues. We should adopt the part of life which reflects happiness, joy and light-hearted. Hate wouldn’t lead us to anyway. Love, live and let live. Why they are missing from the scripts? Our writers need to take notes genuinely for this one.

*Neighbors were like family

There was a time when your neighbor would drop for a cup of tea, be your dearest friend, share the confidence, talk for hours and even drop in to play at home. Your neighbor was your best friend and what our dramas showed was LOVE. We still adore Javed Sheikh and Shehnaz Sheikh’s neighborhood bond in Ankahi. Theirs was a relationship that gives us serious neighborly love feels.


*Simple lifestyle

Lifestyle was simple no expensive restaurants or hotels, beach was just the perfect spot for a day out and simple glory is all you need. Unfortunately, the beach was also clean and litter-free then.

*Phrases take over family conversations

From a PTV serial ‘Kya aap waqai sanjeeda hain?’ Takiya Kalam of Jamshed Ansari’s (Timmy) was magical and it has stuck with us till now after so many years. Yet we all have to remember today’s dramas phrases.

*Dialogues were genuinely funny

Dialogues used in those scripts were hilarious and the character delivers lines with such frivolity, the jokes are witty, the dialogue humor and laughter comes so easy. Like, you don’t have to go on a stress mode for someone else’s sorrow.

Arooj Ahmed

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