Malik Usman #FamousMolvi with 3.3M followers on TikTok

When it comes to Tiktok everyone minds them as a star. Not only youngsters but elders also use Tiktok to make videos. Looking forward to this, the famous molvi aka Malik Usman leads TikTok with 3.3M followers. Malik Usman is a shopkeeper in Wazirabad located in Gujranwala district, Punjab, Pakistan. This Tiktok star molvi advises his followers to use hashtag #FamousMolvi. We have proof that not molvis are the same, some are pretty cool too. Malik Usman aka #FamousMolvi makes Tiktok videos like a pro and his every Tiktok video went viral right after he posts them.

Malik Usman #FamousMolvi said that through Tiktok is not any earning process or there is no direct income from making videos on Tiktok. There are sometimes just PR packages and gifts from some brands and companies and sometimes some money too. Malik Usman has the highest fam of 3.3M followers following the greatest fame on TikTok which speaks volumes of the love he has for his followers and fans.

#FamousMolvi Malik Usman makes sure that his video content is full of everything whether its comic videos or those thought to provoke videos. Malik Sahab knows how to carry every video and makes fun for everyone like he just got all that anyone could ask for. Malik Usman #FamousMolvi got 96.5M like with 3.3M followers, isn’t it amazing seeing every citizen living their life according to their interests.

Malik Usman #FamousMolvisaid said when he was asked a question or when people ask him that with a beard he makes videos, he said that he loved making video because through his video he brings a smile on people’s faces and he believes that he is not doing anything wrong. He just does what makes him happy. The people who love Malik Usman #FamousMolvi think that they need more molvis and no doubt Pakistan is full of talents, so why not? It seems like Molvis are never-failing us to disappoint at anything. Whether it is any jalsa or funny TikTok videos, Pakistani Molvis just know how to kick in everything. This molvi knows how to handle if someday things don’t get smooth to the interesting twist at the end of his video.

If you want to watch videos of this #FamousMolvi follow him on his TikTok as username @usmanasim66 and you can also search him with his title name Malik Usman with following his own display picture.


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