Syra Yousuf Talk About Her Divorce

The latest development in the story of Syra Yousuf and Shehroz Sabzwari brought the old interview of Syra in news and people are trying to read between the lines the former VJ said in the interview to know the reason behind their divorce and how’s her life going after divorce as she has not said anything on her separation and divorce since the story started on social media.

In Ramadan, Syra Yousuf appeared in the interview for the first time after her divorce in the virtual show of Hassan Shehryar Yasin (HSY) where she talked about her life, daughter- Nooreh and quarantine. In the beginning of the show, she told the designer about Nooreh and her tactics to get things from her relatives then she shed light on her personal life.

Like every other public figure, Syra remained sound and composed while discussing the personal life. She explained HSY that she has now a few people in her life that she could count them on her fingertips too. The mother of a little kid told him that she is very private person who does not let anyone enter her life easily. The Shakar Wadaa Ray dance partner of Shehryar Munawar discussed her mental process. She said that she has realized that the actions of others would affect others and they would not affect her. She expressed her realization that the action of every person is the answer to what is going on in their brain and their cause would not be her actions or her thoughts. She said that we all are responsible for our actions, not another person.

Besides, the actress discussed her future projects and said that she is going to be the host of VJ like show. The interviewer praised her for being a brave woman who does things that she finds well and in which she is comfortable. She remembered her modeling time and how she worked hard to become a known figure.

Syra and Shehroz separated a few months ago this year and then Tanhaniyaan actor divorced the wife due to some personal issues. Numerous bloggers rumored that the ex-husband had an affair with the top model Sadaf Kanwal; therefore, they had issues.

However, no one knows the true story. Shehroz and Behroz Sabzwari flushed off such comments. Recently, junior Sabzwari married with Kanwal.

YouTube video
YouTube video
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