Usman Mukhtar and Ruby Chaudhry’s Short Film “Bench” Trailer

Heartthrob Usman Mukhtar has released a trailer of the short film, Bench, on his Instagram and YouTube recently that depict mystery and thought what will happen next as there was a continuation of one scene in the trailer that cut on no note.

The Anaa hero’s directed film has Ruby Chaudhry as the main protagonist while it is written by Ali Mudar and produced in Rangeen Studios.

The trailer started with the Parvarish actress who was standing at the shop and asking the shopkeeper to give her two packets of cigarettes. He asked her if she used to have them all alone. She replied with sarcasm her dog also had some of them. He smiler to hide foolishness and justified that he asked as she buy every day. She questioned if his conscience is bothering him a lot so she could buy from another shop. The young shop keeper instantly handed her packets and took money from her. The scene moved into the park where the narrow-eyed lady says that the intention of the shopkeeper was not. She explained that he knows that smoking cigarettes is harmful to health but he has chosen to sell them.

At this point, he heartwarming part starts. Chaudhry says while walking that people are defined by choices people made and people are luckier whose two choices proved right out of ten choices they have made. She said that people are the luckiest if those right choices proved to be life-defining moments for them. The dupatta worn actress mourned that she was not one the luckiest person and now she is trying to reverse one of her wrong decision. As she sat on the bench, she shared another eye gluing line that we are also defined by the chances. The scene ended on her dialogue “because it is never too late”.

Bench is selected in numerous international film festivals in which 3rd South Asian Short Film Festival and Indie Short Fest are included. The film was also selected in Films International Film Festival. Besides, it is a finalist in Independent Short Awards.

Ruby Chaudhry and Usman Mukhtar have done great job. The writer has created excitement among viewers what would be the story.

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