Audi e-Tron 2023 Price Pakistan: Look At Its Specs and Images


The highest speed of the Audi e-Tron price Pakistan is 50 Quattro 230 kW is 190 KM/H, and the vehicle’s powertrain produces 308 horsepower at 0 RPM with its one-cylinder and 1-speed automatic transmission. The rack-and-pinion, electrically variable-assist Steering Type is a hallmark of the hybrid suspension used in this car. The 230 kilowatts (kW) Audi e-Tron 50 Quattro is powered by an electric hybrid powertrain. This car has Disc brakes and five doors. Audi e-Tron 50 Quattro 230 kW is currently priced at Rs: 22,300,000 in Pakistan. Costs like registration and licensing might alter the final price of a car.


After the August regulatory duty hike imposed by the Government on Audi Pakistan expired on November 21, the company lowered the pricing of its whole e-Tron lineup downward. Here are the updated rates:

But is it possible to get an e-Tron at the prices mentioned above? Initially, sure, but in practice, it’s much more challenging than it appears. When default and a foreign currency crisis are in the news, it is puzzling why regulatory duties would have been lowered.

Activities Discussion

The Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) published SRO 1571(I)/2022 on August 22. The regulatory tariffs on imported automobiles were raised throughout the board by the same percentage, reaching 100%. After former Finance Minister Miftah Ismail said at a news conference in Islamabad, “So, the option is straightforward; we either utilize that money to buy automobiles or wheat,” the Government made its decision. Instead of buying edible oil, we purchase things like cell phones, grain, and household equipment like microwaves and air conditioners.


Details matter and one of the most notable ones about the SRO mentioned above is that the deadline for the regulatory duty on electric cars was November 21. The regulatory responsibilities for e-vehicles reverted to their pre-August rate of 10% once the assignment expired. So, by law, Audi Pakistan had to either lower their pricing or inform their consumers that they were not because of the regulatory obligation. That’s the route Audi went down.


Motive Power

The German automaker Audi E-Tron price in Pakistan is very high but boasts a maximum power output of 300 kW. Additionally, its superior grip provides the impression of a modern Quattro drive system.

Power Sources & Operating Distance

The manufacturer claims 400 km of range per charge for the E-Tron, but the driver may get even more miles out of it by switching to efficiency drive mode.

The ride height will change automatically depending on whether you’re in the sports or efficiency mode. The most significant speed that can be reached while under its control is 200 kilometers per hour.

The manufacturer says that the E-Tron can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds while in boost mode. When it comes to the electro-hydraulically integrated brake control system, Audi was the first automaker to use it.

The car may be charged in various ways, including at home and at public charging stations. So, around 6-7 hours is required for a full charge. In addition, the corporation offers a warranty that lasts for eight years.

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Like previous Audi automobiles, the E-appearance Tron is aggressive and angular.

Matrix LED headlights are available as an option, and a control device is installed to automatically turn the diodes on and off in response to oncoming traffic.

The newcomer’s LED Light Strip and dynamic flashing light set it apart in the back.

It also includes a camera-equipped rearview mirror that digitally projects the picture onto a high-contrast OLED display within the door. But it’s a lifesaver when the sun goes down or visibility drops.

Exterior and Interior Finishing

There are 12 distinct colors to choose from in an Audi E-Tron price Pakistan. The cabin is roomy, and it’s decorated in two colors.

The Audi virtual cockpit is a screen in the center of the dashboard showing important data and live metrics.

Additionally, there is plenty of head and legroom, and the trunk can hold up to 660 liters of your stuff. The SUV has cutting-edge protection measures. There’s plenty of space for your property inside.

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Timetables for Deliveries and Economic Projections

Any consumer can make an Audi e-Tron reservation. However, Profit contacted a nearby dealership and learned that current wait times stood at five to six months, depending on the model you reserve.

Speaking with Arshad Raza, CEO of Premier Motors, Profit learned that the firm is still accepting orders and would likely contact the State Bank of Pakistan 20 days to a month from now to obtain access to a letter of credit to the import of the automobiles. The issue arises from the State Bank of Pakistan’s existing practice of allocating foreign currency reserves across all importers. In the end, businesses obtain considerably fewer letters of credit than they first request.

Because of this, Audi e-Tron price Pakistan will have to accept just a small number of orders. Otherwise, the wait periods will grow much longer. Do you know what the implications of this are? To put it slightly, the current economic climate in Pakistan is less than ideal. Regarding public fury and heavy-handed actions by regulators, the car industry has found itself in the eye of the storm. Therefore, it is quite probable that the regulatory charge will surge again after clients have already booked their automobiles if the situation does not improve. Because of this, they’d have to fork up the extra cash.

If you wish to avoid the waiting period by purchasing a used Audi e-Tron price in Pakistan, you should know that all models still sell for premiums over the prices mentioned on the secondary market.

When do we get back to regulating things? Profit contacted the FBR and learned there are no intentions to revoke the duty cut. Profit also discovered that the FBR would be analyzing import data from the previous months to evaluate the demand for EVs, the revenue-generating potential, and the impact on the foreign exchange reserves to make future choices on the regulatory tariff. Results may be biased in one direction or another, depending on the time frame considered.

Due to the import restriction and subsequent regulatory tariff increase, electric car statistics are anticipated to show low numbers, at least for this year. Expectations and demand in the following months will reveal the country’s actual capacity for demand forecasting. However, this influx of imports will hit when the Government has a limited amount of available foreign currency. It’s unclear how the Government resolves this seeming contradiction.

Lastly, the e-Tron has become the de facto symbol of electric mobility in Pakistan, so a reduction in the regulatory duty will carry a massive bullseye on its back. “Most buyers are regular people who use a bank loan to make their purchase.” When asked by Profit if access to the e-Tron was restricted to Pakistan’s upper classes, Raza said it was not. However, the local car sector is sure to be up in arms even if Raza manages to appease spectators who would have opposing perspectives.

Local manufacturers are likely to view this downward reduction in the regulatory duty as a cudgel the Government has used against them in comparison to the import quotas enforced upon them, given the prevalence of non-production days.

Have there been any noticeable outcomes for anyone from this reduction in regulatory burden? Profit did get data on a small number of individuals who could have done so.

Why Did They Lower the Price?

Audi e-Tron price in Pakistan recently added up to Rs.38,405,000 to the cost of their e-Tron range. As a result of the 100% Regulatory duty placed on electric cars, the price was increased dramatically at the time. The RD has been lowered to its former value. That’s why everyone’s talking about how low the costs are.

To add to that, here’s something else! As a result of RD, prices have not returned to pre-RD levels. The corporation has not provided any justification for not reverting prices to the level they were at before 100% RD.

People who had previously been put off by the Audi e- Tron price Pakistan tag will now be able to afford one.

Discussions in the Market

Insider intelligence from Audi revealed to Profit that four to six e-trons had successfully through the port and Pakistan Customs between November 21 and the present. If these e-trons had been approved earlier, they would have been subject to the previous rates; nevertheless, the timing of their clearance allows them to take advantage of the lower regulatory tariff now in effect.

When Profit inquired further, Raza stated that “zero” e-trons had been cleared during that period. Will anybody, at least initially, Profit from the cut if these few people do not? Honestly, we have no idea. What we can predict, though, is that imported cars are likely to become increasingly electrified in the future.