Top 10 Finest Dubai Desert Outfits Ideas

By Sanam Nayab — Published on 30/06/2023
Dubai is known for its desert landscapes and there are many outfits that are suitable for exploring this unique environment. Before traveling, research local traditions because certain desert locations need a more modest dress.

Tourists that visit Dubaireally must go on a desert safari. The safari offers a chance to reconnect with nature, offering something very different from the city’s architectural marvels, theme parks, retail malls, and souks.


What to attire for a Dubai Dessert is essential to the preparation process. When you dress improperly, you may find that you cannot participate in or enjoy several activities to their fullest potential due to discomfort.

Those on a desert safari often lament that they weren’t prepared for some activities. If you’re going on a desert safari, don’t worry about what to wear.

To answer the issue “Dubai Desert Outfits Ideas?” we, professional desert safari operators with ten years of experience, have written this helpful guide. You will find all the answers you want if you read this post carefully.

An Early-Morning Desert Tour

Sunrise in the desert is best seen during a morning safari. It’s possible to have a great breakfast in the desert, too. Sunset in the desert is best seen during an evening safari. You may also dune bashing, witness the Tanoura dance, and ride camels.


These safaris require no special attire beyond what is comfortable for the participant. Daytime temperatures in the desert can soar, so it’s best to dress in loose, breathable fabrics. Because the temperature in the desert drops rapidly after sunset, it’s a good idea to wear warm, well-covering clothes for the nighttime safari. On the other hand, clothing for a desert safari has to be bland, lightweight, and adaptable to hot and cold weather, as well as a lot of dust.

Which of these dressings is NOT suggested?

A few considerations should be made before embarking on a Dubai Desert outfits tour. First, choose items that are both loose and breathable; clothes that cling to your body will only amplify the heat’s discomfort. Wear a hat or a scarf to block the sun’s rays from damaging your scalp. Finally, choose lighter hues and materials that bounce the sun’s rays back into space.

  • If you want to avoid any of these pitfalls, think about
  • Wear that fits snugly around the body.
  • Overexposed brains.
  • Wearing dark hues or thick textiles that trap the sun’s heat is terrible.
  • Loose garments that are prone to tangling or flapping in the wind.
  • Shoes or heels so high that they would sink into the sand.

What Would You Recommend To Bring To the Desert?

  • If there’s only one thing you can carry on your hike, make it a bottle of water (and if you don’t pack water, don’t go).
  • Additional nourishment.
  • The use of a map and compass.
  • A medical emergency remedy set.
  • I had some shade from the sun.

Readying Oneself for Desert Adventures in Dubai

There’s a good chance that your desert safari may include both calm and heart-pounding experiences. Take into account the following potential situations:

The 44 that picks you up from the city will probably take the rough dune route to the camp to create an excellent first impression. Women need to secure themselves safely in the car, as they may be thrown around after an accident (NB: not recommended for children under five years old, pregnant women, or those suffering from back, heart, or other medical disorders)

  • Taking a camel ride is an integral part of every first-time desert adventure. Therefore it’s essential to practice your technique in advance. Due to the inelegant nature of camel riding, shorts and trousers are recommended over skirts, and any valuables should be kept close.
  • Sandboarding is great fun, not just because of the adrenaline rush you get from slamming into the dunes. Think about where all that sand will end up when you inevitably come sliding down the mountain and the need to wear appropriate closed-toe footwear. When possible, wear pants rather than a skirt or shorts.
  • Quad biking and fat biking are considered optional desert hobbies that can be bought on the side. Camps may have strict regulations about footwear, such as requiring only closed-toe shoes. Wearing a skirt too short to prevent you from straddling an object is, once again, unprofessional. Those with long hair who wish to seem more sporty might consider donning a headband or other accessories.
  • Campers will sit on carpets on the floor and enjoy a BBQ dinner while watching a performance. Think of how you’ll sit on the ground, and if you’d like, you may close the night with some slow dancing. If you’re going out to dinner after engaging in a desert sport, you might want to pack a clean shirt and some antiperspirant to avoid feeling too sticky.

Clothing Recommendations for a Trip to Dubai

Are you speculating about what to pack for your trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates? Congratulations, you have found the right place! Here is the Ultimate Packing List for Women Traveling to Dubai Desert Outfit Ideas for Going Out at Night After a Desert Safari! You may pin me for later! The United Arab Emirates is one of my favorite countries. This is mainly because I’ve always been fascinated by the Arabian Desert; trust me when I say that venturing deep into the Empty Quarter is an experience you won’t soon forget!

In opposition to this, Dubai is a modern, flashy, indulgent, and brilliant city.

Having spent a considerable amount of time in the nation over the past five years, particularly in the United Arab Emirates as a female traveler, I think of myself as somewhat of an authority on the subject.

I think it’s always necessary to obey the local standards, especially when there aren’t many foreigners around because the culture is entirely religious.

It is recommended, but not required, to wear modestly when in public, as this is the daily practice of most local women.

1. Very Long Trousers

I usually only need three pairs of long pants, one for airplane travel (which can be washed and reused) and two for when I get there. My first advice is to bring these sweatpants, which are ideal for lounging around on a plane. They are also practical for use in the hotel’s air-conditioned rooms. It may become quite chilly up in the air, as anybody who has taken a long overnight trip knows. They are worth the price, so don’t hesitate to get them. The second set of pants I recommend you bring is some thick black leggings, which are a bit more laid-back.

My general rule of thumb for wearing tight leggings in a conservative country is to pair them with a long and flowy top that covers the hips, which I will discuss in further detail below.

Lastly, long, loose-fitting palazzo pants are ideal for sightseeing and seeing new cities, so I always bring a pair. They’re also perfect for handling the sweltering summer heat (or any other season) when it’s possible to get them.

2. Two-Piece Kimono-and-Tank Top Set

It has already been established that Dubai might have sweltering temperatures. When I travel to Dubai, I always pack a tank top and a kimono to wear in the desert and the city. You may use any old tank you have lying around; here’s one I like: I think the kimono would look great in the dark, flowing color that isn’t too see-through. If it’s long enough, this would be a great shirt to pair with leggings during the hot summer since the loose fabric would keep you cool and comfortable while covering your hips and buttocks. You can stay calm despite the oppressive temperatures and still dress modestly.

3. The Maxi Dress

An important note regarding what to bring to Dubai: if you intend to see the city and the mosques, skirts are appropriate and should be worn there rather than on a desert safari. A lengthy dress is not practical since you may have to trek up and down dunes while participating in this sport. The pair mentioned above of jeans is ideal for your safari. On the other hand, this skirt is perfect for touring Dubai’s mosques and the Old City.

4. Loose T-Shirts with Short Sleeves

For your trip, I suggest packing two short-sleeved, loose-fitting T-shirts. T-shirts are a great addition to your Dubai wardrobe because showing your shoulders is frowned upon (and you likely want something new to wear daily besides your kimono).

You may get palazzo pants with wide legs that go perfectly with them. If they are roomy and long enough, you may wear leggings with them.

5. Swimwear

I highly recommend spending a few days at one of the fantastic hotels built amid the desert, where I often find myself. After a day of driving on and ascending the dunes, you’ll be ready to chill off in one of the resort’s pools. Having easy access to a pool is a tremendous perk during the warmer months. From what I’ve seen, bikinis are a common sight in hotel pools. On public beaches, however, like Umm Suqeim Beach in Dubai (where the Burj al Arab is located), you might feel more at ease with a one-piece swimsuit.

6. Casual Long Sweater

When I travel, I also bring a long, black sweater that is relatively thin. Similarly to the kimono, this may be worn over a tee or tank top for more layering and modesty. These sweaters are perfect year-round staples. Wearing my lightweight black sweater in the metropolis of Dubai and on a desert safari was a wonderful experience.

7. Scarves, and plenty of them!

Anyone who knows me well also knows that scarves are an essential part of my wardrobe and that I wear them frequently at home and abroad. You can wear one around your neck or use it to cover your head when you enter a mosque. For the Middle East, I like sheer, lightweight scarves like this one since they are more comfortable on the skin and don’t trap as much heat. (I chose the dark green color, which I find appealing.) I can wear these in the desert as quickly as in the city.

8. Sandals with T-Strap Flip-Flops

When I travel, I always bring a pair of flip-flops (particularly on longer flights; who can sleep in uncomfortable closed-toe shoes for so long?!). In addition, you are free to bring them with you to the beach or pool. Forget it; who am I kidding? Sometimes you’ll find me sporting them in Dubai, the desert, or on safari. However, if you plan on going to any events, shopping centers, or restaurants, I recommend packing a nice yet casual pair of open-toed sandals. Pack a pair of durable hiking sandals if you decide to go on any hills or wadis during your vacation.

9. Shoes with Covered Toes

Wear whatever comfortable, closed-toe footwear you usually wear, whether sneakers or, if you’re feeling very stylish, a couple of pairs.

Because of the limited storage capacity afforded by a carry-on bag, I was extra selective about what I brought along. There’s only room for one, which I choose depending on the time of year and the kinds of things I want to do.

10. Sunglasses, Cap, and Hat

Temperatures in the Arabian Desert can exceed 100 degrees Celsius, making it one of the hottest places on Earth. Sunglasses and a hat are recommended items to have on hand for your desert adventure and city explorations. As the sun is no joke in that region, you’ll do your eyes and skin a favor by protecting them. That settles the matter, then. Here are my top ten suggestions on what to bring on a trip to Dubai. After purchasing these items, you will be well-equipped and respectful and not be without options for either a desert safari or city living.

Final Thoughts

Dubai desert outfits’ ideas cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. Dressing in light, loose-fitting clothing that will help you keep cool in the heat of the desert is a good choice in general. Wearing something more durable, like jeans or shorts, is a good idea if you plan on engaging in physically demanding pursuits, such as camel riding or sandboarding. Don’t forget the sun protection essentials like sunscreen and a hat!

First, you need to decide what kind of safari you want to go on. A desert safari is one of the best ways to see the desert. There are essentially two distinct kinds of desert safaris, each with its advantages.


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