Top 10 Electrical Engineering Universities in Islamabad

By Sanam Nayab — Updated on 05/05/2023
Graduates of these universities are well-prepared for careers in fields such as telecommunications, power generation, electronics, and automation, and are highly sought after by employers in Pakistan and around the world.

You’ve come to the correct place if locating the best colleges in Pakistan to study electrical engineering is a priority of yours. Read on to learn more about the top electrical engineering universities in Islamabad.


Because education is crucial, everyone should have access to high-quality educational opportunities to help them reach their full potential in all facets of life. The field of electrical engineering is highly regarded and has widespread popularity. The employment market has always valued it, and its pay rate is among the highest. Consequently, the field of Electrical Engineering attracts a large number of new students each year.

Top Pakistani Electrical Engineering Universities 2023

Here are some of the most well-known electrical engineering universities mentioned below.

1. National University of Science and Technology

NUST is a world-class electrical engineering university in Islamabad. NUST has consistently been ranked as one of the Top Universities in Pakistan and is widely considered the most significant institution in the country for studying engineering. Despite the difficulty of the admission exam, over 50,000 students apply each year to attend NUST. But sadly, only a select fraction succeed. Just 4% of applicants are accepted each year at NUST. NUST rises seven spots to occupy number 67 in Asia, while Pakistan is ranked first.(1)


NUST is an excellent option for those who want to study electrical engineering at a top institution. Students are encouraged to participate in both academic and extracurricular activities at NUST. The institution has triumphed in many national and international events, from robotics to hackathons to the Shell EcoMarathon, formula car design, and drones.

SEECS is located on the H-12 campus (Islamabad) and provides both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Those interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in either Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, or Computer Science can do so at SEECS. Graduate courses are also available in electrical engineering, information security, information technology, and innovative learning strategies (ITL).

2. University of Engineering and Technology

Although it is one of Pakistan’s older universities, UET consistently ranks high as one of its top electrical engineering universities in Islamabad. In addition, it has one of the oldest engineering laboratories in the United States. A wide range of engineering disciplines is included among their course offerings. The professors at UET are also widely regarded as among the best in the country.

To prepare for potential power outages, the University of built a Power Generation Unit in 2004 with an initial capacity of 2 MW, which was later increased to 3 MW, making it the first and only University in the country to have such a facility. In the new century, the University began an expansion program in response to the increasing demand for graduates in the field of Engineering and related fields across the country. As a result, the UET’s ability to teach and do research was strengthened, and efforts to create satellite campuses were initiated. There are now three off-main-campus locations for the University of — the Faisalabad Campus, the Kala-Shah-Kaku Campus, and Rachna College.

The Electrical Engineering Bachelor’s Program is available at all four UET campuses. You can concentrate on your Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in Power, Electronics, Computer Systems, or Telecommunications. All four concentrations are available at the Lahore campus.

UET Lahore’s competent professors, cutting-edge laboratories, and sturdy framework make it one of the world’s top institutions for electrical engineering education. Since Pakistan’s independence, UET Lahore grads have tirelessly served their country.

3. Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute

The acronym “GIKI” stands for the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering, Sciences, and Technology. A private school, it may be found in the KPK area. After its founding in 1993, GIKI has consistently been recognized as one of the top electrical engineering universities in Islamabad.One of Pakistan’s best private institutions, Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology is located in Topi. In QS WUR Ranking By Subject 2023, it is rated between 451 and 500.(2)

GIKI has the lowest admittance rate of any university at just 10%. An extensive library, student housing, a sports facility, financial assistance, exchange programs, and administrative services are just some of the many amenities available to GIKI students. It is the number-four institution for Engineering study in the world.

GIK is well-known not just for its excellent academic curriculum but also for its varied and exciting extracurricular activities. The students themselves are in charge of planning all of these events. There are currently around twenty student organizations at GIK. Students can pursue their passions in the arts and gain valuable job experience through these clubs and groups. Moreover, members of such groups learn the vital skills of cooperation and leadership.

4. NED University of Engineering and Technology

It was founded in 1921, making NED one of the oldest electrical engineering universities in Islamabad. The NED headquarters may be found in Karachi. Many different kinds of engineering are taught at NED, such as mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil, petroleum, and many more.3

5. Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences

One of Pakistan’s most famous engineering schools is the PIEAS. The institute provides education from the undergraduate to the doctoral level in various disciplines, including Chemical, Biomedical, Electrical, Mechanical, IT, Medical Sciences, and many more.

Comparatively, PIEAS has outperformed other institutions specializing in STEM fields by placing highly in the QS World and Asian rankings. The peaceful and tranquil atmosphere is another advantage of PIEAS. It is located on the outskirts of Islamabad and surrounded by the beautiful Nilore Mountains. Even while nice weather, cold winters, and endless sessional examinations are all things that students look forward to, they enjoy them.

6. The University of Engineering and Technology Taxila

College of Technology and Engineering The University of Engineering and Technology at Taxila (UETT) is widely regarded as Pakistan’s sixth-best institution. In 1975 it began operations. The institute provides various engineering courses, including civil and environmental, electrical, mechanical, aeronautical, and more.

7. Air University

Located in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, Air University is a trustworthy institution of higher learning. There is also a campus in Multan for the institute. Pakistan’s Air Force created Air University in 2002. (PAF). High-quality education is the main focus of the institution, and they want to achieve this by employing only the most trained and experienced instructors.


One of Pakistan’s finest educational institutions, COMSATS has been a world leader since its founding in 1998. The institution has six sites spread around Pakistan, all dedicated to providing engineering education. Electrical and Computer Engineering is prime at COMSATS. They have the most excellent teachers and provide the best education in the country.

The 601–800 top universities in the world are where CUI is ranked in 2023 THE World Universities Rankings. In addition, it was rated in the following topic rankings for 2023: Engineering & Technology, Business & Economics, Computer Science, Life Science, #501-600, and Physical Sciences (#401-500).(4)

9. Lahore University of Management and Sciences

LUMS is the premier private institution of higher learning in Pakistan, particularly in the fields of Business, Computer Science, and Engineering. In the 2022 edition of Times Higher Education’s (THE) World University Rankings by Subject in Engineering, LUMS was placed in the top 501-600 institutions worldwide.

10. Mehran University of Engineering and Technology

One of the most admired educational institutions in Pakistan is the Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET). It has been around since 1976. Regarding Electrical and Civil Engineering, MUET is unrivaled as the premier institution. The process of selecting an appropriate college or institution can be stressful. That choice has traditionally been the most difficult for a student.


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