11 Best Makeup Selling Brands in Pakistan

By Sanam Nayab — Published on 14/12/2023
The makeup industry in Pakistan is thriving, with a wide range of options available to suit different budgets, styles, and preferences. Some popular makeup-selling brands in Pakistan include L'Oreal, Maybelline, Revlon, and MAC.

Over the past few decades, the Pakistani brand’s makeup has radically transformed. Names like Medora, Conatural, Saeed Ghani, etc., well-known in the cosmetics industry, are instantly recognizable to anybody. It’s only a matter of time before people everywhere recognize and appreciate the regional brands’ superior quality and reasonable prices.


Some of the most well-known artists in Pakistan include Nabila Maqsood, Masarrat Misbah, Nadia Hussain, Fatima Bukhari, and Kashee. Makeup and cosmetics from Pakistan are on par with those from the West.

These domestic companies produce reasonably priced, high-quality cosmetics. There is no sacrifice in quality or safety for your skin with these companies, and you can save money while doing so. The wonderful thing about local beauty businesses is that you may find high-quality items at meager costs. Makeup goods from well-known Pakistani brands makeup are up next.

1. Medora

The “Medora” cosmetics company in Swat, Pakistan. Saud Mehmood is a distributor at Madora of London. Pakistani ladies have always favored the Medora brand of lipstick. In various shades, lipsticks in glossy, matte, and semi-matte finishes may be found at Medora. Medora lipsticks stand out because they are highly pigmented without becoming sticky. The most excellent part about these lip stains is that you can choose the hue you want at a price you can afford. Makeup artists in Pakistan consider Medora lipsticks to be on par with those from the global cosmetics giant Mac. (1)


2. Vince’

Vince’ is a high-end cosmetics and toiletries company that regularly updates its product line to reflect current aesthetic preferences. Vince’s serves not just ladies but also males. In addition to perfumes, skin care items, essential oils, and styling aids, Vince’ also sells various other beauty aids. Vince’ is more known as a line of haircare and skincare products than for its makeup. In Pakistan, Vince’s goods are universally adored, but a few standouts keep bringing back repeat consumers. The vitamin C serum, the biotin keratin shampoo, the Regain hair cream, the hand, and foot whitening lotions, etc.

3. Christine Cosmetics

Like women everywhere else, Pakistani women may have varying opinions on the best cosmetics and makeup companies. Nonetheless, one cosmetics brand unites them all. The Christine Cosmetics pancake bases are a bestseller. These pancake Makeup including foundations feature a silky consistency that firmly sets your makeup. (2) Nail polishes, foundations, lipsticks, and contour kits are just some of the Christine Cosmetics items that practically every Pakistani woman has in her makeup bag.

4. Misbah Masarrat

Masarrat Misbah is an incredibly well-known brand in Pakistan’s cosmetics sector. The Pakistani brand’s makeup has dubbed Msararrat Misbah the “Wonder Lady.” Masarrat Misbah is not only the name of her cosmetics line but also the name of her renowned beauty shop, Depilex. In addition to being the first Pakistani brand’s makeup to receive the Halal certification, Masarrat Misbah is also notable for being the first makeup line in Pakistan. Although all goods under the Masarrat Misbah label are of the highest quality, one, in particular, has become an unexpected bestseller. The Masarrat Misbah Silk Foundation is a game-changer in Pakistani brand makeup. The formula works well for both standard and dry skin types.

5. UK Rivaj

The cosmetics division of SJS International is known as Rivaj-UK. Among the many famous cosmetics lines sold in Pakistan, Rivaj UK is a top pick. With much hard work and dedication, Rivaj UK has risen to the top of the Pakistani cosmetics market. Customer expectations have always been met or exceeded by every product offered by Rivaj UK, notably the brand’s famous creamy lip liners and colorful palettes. Products sold in the UK by Rivaj are in line with EU regulations for cosmetics. Because of their dedication to principle, Rivaj UK has emerged as a leader among Pakistani brands makeup. The demands of Rivaj UK’s customers are being met on all occasions, from the modest Chaand Raat to the most elaborate Mehndi parties. As a bonus, the items from Rivaj UK are pretty cheap. For a small investment, one may acquire a wide variety of cosmetics. Rivaj Products are also available on Daraz Website.

6. Conatural

Pakistani women are no different from any other women in the world regarding their devotion to self-improvement and hygiene. Additionally, they fully know Natural products are essential to any self-care routine. With the introduction of several skincare and organic hair products, Conatural has done fantastic work in the cosmetics business. If you’re experiencing hair loss for health reasons, try using the hair restoration shampoo Conatural. One more thing going for local manufacturers like Conaturals is that they stock various products that work for different skin types. The power duo of Rema Taseer and Myra Qureshi Jehangir formed Conatural. These women aim to provide their customers with the highest quality organic and natural skincare and cosmetics on the market.

7. Organic Traveler

Skincare is as much crucial as makeup for women. Organic Traveler is taking precautions to ensure that its female customers in Pakistan are not left out. Organic Traveler is a skincare business that offers 100% organic and cruelty-free products for its clients. The “Quench” and “Clear” serums are the most well-known offerings from this company. The Quench serum is excellent for dry skin, while the Clear serum is preferable for oily skin. These serums effectively diminish the appearance of scars left by acne, evening out skin tone, and restore a healthy sheen to the face. Due to its outstanding performance, Organic Traveler is quickly becoming a social media darling.

8. Kryolan Cosmetics

Among makeup enthusiasts, Kryolan has always been the gold standard. When it comes to cosmetics, this is one of the only companies that has never skimped on quality and always seems to be coming out with new, innovative formulae. Looking for a place with excellent security? If you’re observing for a place to get flawless skin and complete coverage for the camera, go no further than Kryolan.

One of the most important steps in doing makeup is applying foundation. Picking the best foundation for your skin type and desired coverage is essential for a flawless base. We’ve got you covered from sheer to full coverage with over 800 different foundation tones. The hypoallergenic foundations made by Kryolan are of the finest quality and are safe for even the most sensitive skin.

Kryolan has been around for more than seventy-five years. Their 75 years of experience in the industry have allowed them to create such innovative products, and their makeup line is still among the finest in the world.

They help you succeed because others will have more faith in you and adopt your idealized image. Arnold Langer, who created it, frequently put his customers ahead of his own company. When developing new formulae for their goods, he has always consulted with skilled beauty professionals for guidance.

9. Miss Rose

The brand’s great quality and low prices have won over consumers in recent years. Miss Rose’s skin, lip, eye, and cheek cosmetics are hot.

Wb by Hemani, number eleven, offers a variety of celebrity-endorsed cosmetics and toiletries. In addition to its all-natural facial line, the Web by Hemani online shop features a wide selection of health and beauty products, including but not limited to skincare, hair care, bath and body scent, and more.

10. Alezem Beauty

Alezem Beauty, another Pakistani brand of makeup, has entered the international market. Because of its web-based nature, the business may provide a wide range of price cuts to its clientele.

Widespread acclaim has been showered upon the brand’s 6-hour-lasting Lipshay, Lip, and Cheek Tint. It costs about Rs 850 (£4.35) and gives your face a natural appearance.

The company’s success shows no signs of slowing down. At each point where I learned something special about them, they told me: “In comparison to other regional brands, this one offers “the highest quality at the best price.”

11. Zay Beauty

To the extent that local talent is concerned, Zay Beauty has surpassed all normative expectations. Zay Beauty, also known as “A Very Desi Makeup Brand,” is fully committed to promoting the “brown” culture.

Names like “Chand Tara” and “Chamak Dhamak” (both derived from Urdu) help entice customers. Their incredibly conventional and bright outlook is also artistically pleasing. For many years, young women in Pakistan have favored Zay Beauty above other brands because of its high quality and extensive selection.


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