6 Best Scooty For Girls In Pakistan, Listed With Prices

By Sanam Nayab — Published on 09/12/2023
Scooties are relatively affordable and fuel-efficient, making them a practical option for women who are looking for an alternative to public transportation or who do not have access to a car.

An alluring and comprehensive rundown of the most famous women’s scooty models and the cost of each in Pakistan is described here. This article will discuss the Lady’s Scooty industry in Pakistan and provide information on the yamaha scooty price in Pakistan. Scooters are rapidly gaining popularity, especially among college-aged women and working professionals. In Pakistan, a scooty may be purchased for about Rs.1 lac. However, you can save money by purchasing a used scooter.(1)


This concept emerged in India and is now gaining traction in the Pakistani market. Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, three of Pakistan’s most populous cities, have some of the highest concentrations of potential customers for women-oriented scooters in the country.

The social climate prevents women in other Pakistani urban networks from showing much interest in riding ladies’ scooty. Given this, it’s reasonable to wonder how much a new model of ladies’ scooter would cost in Pakistan in 2023.

Pakistani Scooty

Girls may now legally ride scooties thanks to the introduction of licenses. Many young women, though, are already licensed cyclists. Scooty is an excellent mode of transportation for both boys and girls.

Many companies in Pakistan have introduced scooties aimed at women, and the models deemed the best for female riders in the previous year are again at the top of the list in 2023. There are also e-bikes available in market.(2)


Popular Scooty Manufacturers in Pakistan

Some of the best scooty manufacturers, known for producing reasonably priced models that nonetheless boast desirable features, are as follows:

There is no denying that motorcycles like the United Scooty Super Power Scooty, the Honda Scooty, and the yamaha scooty price in Pakistan are the cheapest and most effective transportation. Increasing sales and an uptick in the proportion of women purchasing scootys (small, lightweight bikes) for everyday transportation lend credence to this claim, which the booming interest in the cycling industry has buoyed.

Furthermore, these companies are working to provide for the demands and needs of their clientele. Makers of the scooty have marketed it exclusively to female riders by emphasizing its sleek design, low weight, and ease of handling.

The quality and variety of components used by each manufacturer, in turn, determine the final pricing of a scooty in Pakistan.

Features of Ladies Scooters in Pakistan

Some features of ladies’ Scooters are mentioned below:

  • Brake
  • Enough Fuel Tank Capacity
  • Lock Anti-Theft
  • Light LED
  • Wind Deflector
  • Disc brakes with automatic start/stop programming

1. Global or United Scooty Union 80cc

This little motorcycle belongs among the four-strokes, where it is more at home. Due to the OHC redesign, it is now impossible to picture anywhere in the city. In addition, the combined drag and stroke of the 80cc scoot is around 98.1 cm. In addition, it is predicted that the pressure extent of a connected 80cc scooter will be 9.8:1.

Moreover, the United 80cc scooty is estimated to have power approaching 7.2 Hp (8000 rpm). The most extreme power settlement for a combined 80cc scoot is about 7.5 (6000 rpm). Approximately 90 kg of dry weight may be piled onto it. For 2023, the going rate for a Ladies Scooty United 80cc in Pakistan is Rs. 90,000.

2. United 100cc Scooty

A 100cc scooty with a coupler is the most common recommendation. Single-cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke versions would be made available.

It can carry around 91 kg of dry weight. The front wheels have tires of around 90/90-12 in diameter, while the back wheels are 3.50-10. The bike dimensions are close to 18706501140. (l x w x h). In Pakistan, you may get one for Rs. 210,000.

3. Honda U-GO

Honda’s U-GO electric scooter is another new entry into the market. Considering the favorable climate for electric cars, we may anticipate their arrival in the local market even though it has not yet done so. Some of the best features of the U-GO scooty are the two continuous-rated hub motors that produce 1.2 kW and 0.8 kW.

These electric motors have a maximum speed of 53 and 43 kilometers per hour. As for the battery, the U-GO scooter has a 1.44 kW lithium-ion power source. It’s worth noting that Honda’s battery may be upgraded with a larger one if the customer so chooses.

Honda’s U-GO electric scooter is now for sale in China. The scooty may be had for a starting price of $1,150. Unfortunately, the scooty has yet to hit the Pakistani market.

4. Super Power 70cc Scooty

It introduced the Super Power Scooty, a revolutionary new two-wheeled vehicle from Pakistan. The grip-less start and the increased work capacity are two main features intended to be central to this scooter.

It’s not just lightweight, but it’s also packed with all the requisite light features. It has a top speed of 70 km/h and can get 65 km/l in fuel efficiency. The primary, metal-colored Scooty 70cc retails in Pakistan for Rs. 50,000. In the pages that follow Ladies Scooty Price in Pakistan 2023, New Model Specs Features Pictures, you will find articles relating to different types of bikes and automobiles.

Depending on how long you shopped for one, you can find hundreds of other scooty models on sale in Pakistan. All scooters are provided at affordable prices so everyone may enjoy the smoothest possible ride. So, stop wasting time and select the greatest scooty model right now!

5. Honda Dio

When it comes to motorcycles, Honda is unmatched in reputation. Fewer people realize that the corporation is also making serious efforts to market scooters to women and men. The Honda Dio is a popular kind of scooter.

The Honda Dio is a convenient and comfortable scooter because of its wholly automated gearbox. The highest power from the scooter’s single-cylinder engine is 7.76 PS at 8000 rpm. The maximum torque for the Dio engine is 9 Nm at 4750 rpm.

In addition, the SI engine technology is a four-stroke motor with a fan for cooling. Dio has a reported average fuel economy of 48 Km/L, making it extremely fuel efficient for the vast majority of drivers. Honda Dio pricing varies by trim. It is, however, likely to be priced between PKR 85,000 and PKR 90,000.

6. Scooter made by Suzuki

About four liters of gas may be stored in the tank. But, it’s a continuously variable transmission. Prices for new Suzuki 49cc scooters in Pakistan start at around Rs. 80,000 and may go up to Rs. 80,000 to up to 100,000.

A Verdict for Scooty Fans

Pakistan’s technological prowess has brought about several improvements in people’s daily lives. Pakistan receives many scooters from outside, and Yamaha scooty price in Pakistan is very affordable.

But in 2022, several girls and women were said to have gotten their riding license in Pakistan, and in 2023, more women are anticipated to ride scooty on the highways of Pakistan.

Initially, only a few automakers are entering the cookie market. However, the growing number of women who ride scooty in Pakistan suggests that various scooty manufacturers may soon join the country’s market.


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