Top 12 Pakistani Wedding Dress Designers

By Sanam Nayab — Updated on 04/05/2023
Pakistani wedding dress designers are known for creating some of the most beautiful and intricate bridal wear in the world. Some of the most well-known Pakistani wedding dress designers include HSY, Maria B, Sana Safinaz, and Asim Jofa.

The word “fashion” is used interchangeably by professionals and academics to describe to the multifaceted textile, apparel, leather, knitwear, accessory, sunglasses, cosmetics, and jewellery industries. Clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, the body, and even furniture may all fall under the umbrella term of “fashion,” which refers to a widely followed style or practice.(1)


The bride has gone to great lengths to ensure that she will look stunning on her wedding day, including the dress, the makeup, the hair, and everything else that goes into creating the bridal look. Everything will work out beautifully if your outfit looks stunning.

Since many brides-to-be and women in Asia often have no idea who makes their designer gowns, we thought it would be cooperative to collect a list of the finest wedding dress designers in Pakistan like Karma, suffuse, Hina butt, Dr. Haroon designer so that you can make an informed decision about who to hire for your special day.

If you’re looking for Pakistani designer wedding gowns, some of the top-notch designers are mentioned below.


1. Dr. Haroon

Many young Pakistani women have dreamed of working with a Dr. Haroon designer, whose designs are reminiscent of Bunto Kazmi’s but distinct enough to make them her own. His gowns have a timeless, basic style that flatters every figure. Dr. Haroon also has a huge collection of bridal wear and wedding outfits.

2. Hina Butt

This highly talented fashion designer is relatively new to the profession, yet she is already making high-fashion waves. People love her great manifestations, which include delicate designer dresses with a confusing Mughal-era aesthetic that gives the apparel an exceptional Rajhastani feel. She carefully prepares and creates her bridal gowns without getting tangled up in a jumble of hues.

3. Tena Durrani

A world-renowned designer who has fans all across the globe. In 2005, Tena Durrani announced her full name. Inspired by a dream from the Mughal era, Tena launched her company from her home in 2012 and has since become a household brand. By using nakshi, sequins, diamonds, and stones to create elaborate floral borders and stitched cholis, she pays homage to her cultural heritage with each piece she creates.2

4. Deepak Perwani

Given his background as a member of a Hindu-Sindhi family, this guy has had to overcome more obstacles on his path to stardom than any of his contemporaries. Deepak owns and operates several successful retail establishments in Pakistan.

His meticulous attention to detail in designing his gowns has earned him widespread appreciation. He is a well-known fashion designer all over the world. To this day, he considers winning the “Lux Style Award” for Achievement in Fashion Design” his proudest moment. He made a name for himself in menswear design, revolutionizing the industry in Pakistan.

5. Nomi Ansari

Most Pakistanis will recognize Nomi Ansari as one of the leading bridal dress designers; he launched his career in 2001 and has been at the forefront of the fashion industry ever since. Nomi Ansari is renowned for his intricately detailed designs and skillful use of color; his creations are so difficult to mess up that no one can hold him responsible (not even people who like dull colors and people who disdain Met Gala). Eventually, Nomi stopped attending the Pakistani School of Fashion and Design. His mind is simple; it generates a blend of tones that burst and sprinkle with magic.

6. Elan

Although it has been many years since its inception, Élan has established a firm foothold in the minds and emotions of its audience. Consider a wedding; this designer is so famous that people associate his name with bridal gowns.

Instantly, Elan pops into your head. To wear one of the label’s gowns is to feel an overwhelming desire to get married immediately. That says a lot about Élan’s inner workings and motivations. Confidence, class, refinement, and supreme performance.

The name “Elan” comes from putting all these different words together. The designer, Khadija Shah, puts all her love of art and emotion into her bridal gowns, making her a true standout in the industry.

7. Zainab Chottani

Zainab’s outfits are beyond gorgeous since she has always been obsessed with the many facets of fashion. She’s been passionate about creating high-quality couture gowns since she was young. The attention to detail is stunning.

8. Umar Sayeed

Umar Sayeed is the most dependable option when the time comes for you to get married finally, as he has spent his entire life providing women of all ages with clothes to wear on any occasion. However, his flawless thoughtfulness regarding his marriage wear has earned him the title of The Master of wedding clothing. Thanks to his intricate stitching and time-honored details, he is now recognized as a top-tier fashion designer. Everyone, from A-list celebrities to the fans who watch them perform, adores Umer Sayeed.

9. Suffuse

Suffuse is a great new company to keep an eye on, just like Dr. Haroon Designer, since it adheres to the strictest selectivity while reimagining premium design. The Lahore-based brand first appeared in 2012 thanks to the demand for Sana Yasir’s signature glitzy, floral designs. Suffuse is now successful on a global scale.

Above and beyond the bounds of traditional Ghagharas and cholis, these designs feature flower-adorned, Cinderella-inspired gowns that have become a long-awaited tradition. A standard now style, liberally seasoned with newfangled silhouettes and enticing motifs.

10. Karma

One of these designers, Karma, is known for breathtaking wedding gowns, mainly because they value continuity with and feedback from their clientele. Maheen Kardar, who has been in charge of the entire brand for a long time, is a perfectionist with a wealth of information. Karma’s selection of bridal dresses includes the latest trends in high fashion and formal, pret, and semi-formal gowns.

11. Mehdi

It must be tough for another graduate to have considered Pakistan and then struggled to break into the competitive fashion business there. Yet Mehdi developed into a very remarkable individual. He has the know-how to fix the shading and ensure the garment shows off all of its glory, which is terrible. Even now, women continue to view Mehdi as the best option for wedding-related clothes, contributing to his rapid ascent to fame.

12. Bunto Kazmi

Bunto Kazmi, after thirty years in the making, is perhaps the most well-known and sought-after designer in Pakistan’s history. Her name has become synonymous with “awesomeness,” and she has been dubbed the “Vera Wang of the East.(3)

Her representations strike a balance between vintage and modern bridal gowns. In an interview with HUM TV, she elaborated, ” But red remains a record-breaking top option with our young females. In-person, I adore all jewel tones.” Thus, Mrs. Kazmi’s idea for a Bride retains the signature bright tones.

So all these brands, including Deepak Parwani, Suffuse, Tena Durrani, Nomi Ansari, and Dr. Haroon Designer, are well-known designers in Pakistan.


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