Top 8 Color-Protecting Shampoos in Pakistan

By Sanam Nayab — Published on 04/11/2023
With the right care and maintenance, color-treated hair can look beautiful and vibrant for longer, and color-protecting shampoos can be an important part of a hair care routine.

Changing your hair color is a simple method to refresh your appearance and mood. Every woman enjoys dabbling in hair dye now and then, but it’s not always simple to choose the proper brand. So many choices exist in the market nowadays; therefore, making a decision might feel like a nightmare. Never fear, though; we dug up the details for you.


According to our research, here are the finest hair color shampoo in Pakistan. Everything you might want to know about hair color, from Revlon to Olivia, is right here. So pay attention and read on!

Tips On Choosing The Right Hair Dye

When selecting a hair color shampoo in Pakistan, it’s essential to keep a few factors in mind. One distinction is whether the color they provide is transient, semi-permanent, or permanent. The second question is whether it is meant to brighten, dim, or do both things.

You should also read the list of ingredients since some products may include chemicals harmful to your hair.(1) There are also eco-friendly brands. You should also check the cost. Although hair color might be pricey, some brands are more reasonably priced than others. You should also think about the type of hair you have before purchasing a hair color brand. Brands catering to particular hair types exist.



Regarding high-quality haircare products, the Dutch have Keune Hair Cosmetics to thank. The firm, which was founded in 1922 by Jan Keune, a pioneer of the contemporary perm treatment, has grown into a global conglomerate.

When it comes to hair color, KEUNE is a household name. The hair dye produced by the company is particularly well-known. This line includes dyes, washes, gels, shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care essentials.

We Have Nothing But Love for KEUNE Hair Dye, The plethora of possible hues for your hair. KEUNE’s extensive color range of 36 options should satisfy every woman’s preferences. The permanent tint, in the case of KEUNE, hair dye is not readily removed.

It is a superior hair defense, and depending on your hair, it can last up to a month. KEUNE’s safe hair dyes prevent split ends and other damage. That energizing hue and KEUNE hair color are renowned for their vividness and staying power.

Practically anybody may use it. This hair dye requires minimal effort. No hassle or clutter is created. Doing it in the comfort of your own home is simple. The price of Keune hair dye in Pakistan is around Rs. 950.


For finding the right hair color shampoo in Pakistan, there is another well-known company that makes hair dye, “REVLON”. The brand has been around since the 1930s and is headquartered in New York. First, there was nail enamel, and then the brand exploded. In the early 2000s, they released a line of hair dye called Wild Curls.

The company manufactures many paints for hair that work well on various textures. Reviewing REVLON Hair Color and What We Liked Best Countless variants of hair color. Hair colors from REVLON range from lighter to deeper tones, from beige to black. You can undoubtedly locate the ideal manner for you.

The permanent hue, REVLON’s hair dyes are known for their durability. It may potentially last for two or more months. Practically anybody may use it. REVLON hair color is among the easiest to apply. No hassle or clutter is created. Doing it in the comfort of your own home is simple. In Pakistan, you can expect to pay close to Rs. 1595 for a bottle of Revlon hair dye.

3. Pantene Pro-V Brunette Expressions Shampoo

The finest shampoo for dark hair is Pantene Pro-V Brunette Expressions. It makes hair seem thicker and more robust while adding shine. Fancy, buoyant, and shining hue hair is the result.

4. Garnier

The French company Garnier has been producing cosmetics and toiletries since the 1930s. You won’t find a better hair dye than this. Hair color, hair care, body wash, and face wash are just a few goods available under this label.

The Hair Color Crème is the most well-known product from this line. A broad selection of hair color hues is available, and they can be purchased in Pakistan. The spectrum of available colors spans from near-black to nearly white. Garnier offers a wide variety of hair color tones, from light to dark, blond to black. The ideal shade for your hair is out there somewhere.(2)

The permanent hue and Garnier hair dye have a very extended shelf life. It may last for up to a couple of months. Practically anybody may use it, and putting on this shade of hair dye is a breeze. No hassle or clutter is created. Doing it in the comfort of your own home is simple.(3)

5. Pureology High Volume Volumizing Shampoo

The Pureology line of products includes a Pure Volume Shampoo designed to be gentle on dyed hair. It’s a shampoo and volumizer in one! Hair color has the added benefit of added hydration. It prevents the paint from spreading and fading in your hair.

6. Olivia

Olivia is a famous brand of natural hair colorants. The line of hair care products includes shampoo, conditioner, hair color remover, and semi-permanent and permanent hair colors. All-natural elements that nourish and protect your hair from damage are used in Olivia’s colors, which are also chemical-free.

Furthermore, the brand does not include ammonia or resorcinol and does not test on animals. Hair dyes are available in various hues, from black and brown to blonde, grey, red, and blue. Hair colors for dark hair, light hair, curly hair, and grey hair are also available from this manufacturer. There is a wide range of Olivia hair color tones to choose from. In Pakistan, the cost of Olivia’s hair dye averages approximately Rs. 220.

7. Shampoo Tresemme Color

If you have dyed hair, I recommend Tresemme’s color revive shampoo. The hair can be shielded from the elements. This shampoo is ideal for retaining the vibrancy of any color, particularly red. Maintaining your hair’s natural beauty while adding shine and vitality to your hair is another benefit.

8. L’Oréal

The French company L’Oreal Paris produces cosmetics and skincare items. It’s also a leading contender among hair dye products. A large variety of L’Oreal Paris Hair, Color Crème colors, work well with any hair type.

The Dutch, the Belgians, the Hungarians, the Ukrainians, the Brazilians, the Argentines, the Indians, the Thais, and the Turks all love the French label. In addition, it is the most widely purchased product in Asia, Europe, and South America. According to a survey undertaken by cosmetic surgery education website Tajmeeli, which compiled a list of well-known beauty companies and utilised Google Trends to evaluate search interest in 108 countries, L’Oréal Paris is the most sought cosmetics brand in the world.(4)

From a more golden tone to a jet-black depth, you may pick the ideal hue for you. In Defense of L’Oreal Paris Hair Color, Countless variants of hair color such as Blonde, brown, red, black, and any shade in between may be found at L’Oreal Paris. The ideal shade for your hair is out there somewhere.

The permanent hue hair dye from L’Oreal Paris stays on for a very long time. It may last for up to a couple of months. Practically anybody may use it, and putting on this shade of hair dye is a breeze. No hassle or clutter is created. Doing it in the comfort of your own home is simple. The typical rate for Loreal hair dye in Pakistan is around Rs. 1500 ($30).


Color-protecting shampoos are becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan as more people choose to color their hair. These shampoos can help preserve hair color and prevent fading while nourishing and strengthening the hair. They often contain specialized ingredients that protect hair from damage and keep it looking healthy and vibrant.

However, it’s important to choose a product that is affordable and fits within your budget and to take other steps to protect hair colors, such as avoiding excessive heat styling and using a hair conditioner or mask. With the right care and maintenance, color-treated hair can look beautiful and vibrant for longer, and color-protecting shampoos can be an essential part of a hair care routine.


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