(Last Updated On: 02/06/2011)

Information is just a text message away by Zongopedia .

Zong introduce for their customers  Zongopedia .mobile search engine. Zongopedia is your own virtual library and it’s open 24/7.

Zong designated Zongopedia as mobile encyclopedia for people to get solved any query, any question from their information database.

What’s on your mind today? Ask Zongopedia and get the answers… anytime…anywhere!


  • Check your daily horoscope
  • Find out what your favorite color says about you
  • Go behind the real meaning of your name.
  • All replies to your query are accurate and approved bya dedicated moderator
  • Zongopedia also supports Urdu language

How to Activate Zongo pedia Service

Simply SMS your question to 275

Charges Rs.5+tax/SMS

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