Fayeza Ansari: New Chocolate beauty of Pakistani Fashion Industry

Fashion is nothing itself unless represent in its full swing. The best presenter, the best selling is the basic rule of fashion industry. Pakistani fashion is being recognized all over the world due to its brilliant, sharp and beautiful fashion models who have been contributing a lot in the evolution of fashion industry. Among the most popular models, the name of Faiza Ansari cannot be ignored at all. She is known as Chocolate beauty and ruling beauty of ramp now a days. Working since 2004, Fayeza Ansari earned fame in a short period of time and became a supermodel. Her 5feet 8inches height, slim frame and striking facial features grabbed the attention of Deepak Parwani and Rizwan Beyg who introduced her in the fashion industry. Once got a chance of runway appearance, Fayeza continued hard work and won the award of Best Emerging Talent within the new Pakistani fashion model category in Lux Style Awards in 2006.

The sultry and sassy Faiza Ansari has a capability of molding herself in every type of fashion role. She is always modeling best whether it’s a western wear, an Avant Garde turns, hip hop or pure traditional fashion. When Fayeza walks on the ramp, she turns into a established, bashing and thundering fashion icon who comes only to rock the ramp. She has also melted the hearts of the international world with her feminine magnetism and mature modeling behavior.
Unlike other models, Fayeza has not ventured towards E-media. She is loyal to modeling for print media and runway and possesses a distinguished status. As far as her personal life is concerned, she got married with famous Pakistani fashion model and designer Syed Rizwanullah. They have been friends from many years and discovered emotional attachment which lead to their love plus arranged marriage last year.
In June 2012, Fayeza Ansari launched 15 days grooming courses for the upcoming fashion models. Her courses are being conducted twice a month and are advantageous for learning the perfect catwalk, modeling and different fields of fashion.


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