Talat Hussain Famous Columnist & TV Host Writes 2nd Article after being Abused by Afridi Fans

Most of us are well aware of the recent incident of Afridi when he punched a fan on the face when the fan was trying to get near to Afridi and pushed Afridi’s daughter in the process  and she fell on floor. The famous Columnist (article writer) & TV Host (Live With Talat) Talat Hussain wrote an article in which one or two lines were against Afridi’s Act other than that whole article was neutral, he also emphasized on Rights of Super Stars that they should be given every comfort due to which their personal life doesn’t get disturbed. But after the article was published fans of Afridi abused Talat on various Platforms badly.

After being abused Talat wrote another article in which he has pointed out the lack of
patience and harsh behavior upon freedom of speech, he also has very beautifully criticize the fans who abused him. Talat at the end of his article Apologized to fans of Afridi  for writing the truth.

The 2nd article is here under:

Faisal Sardar

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