Online Data Entry, Captcha Form Freelance Jobs in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 26/10/2018)

When it comes to freelance jobs related to data entry or form filling, the word legitimate is used widely. The major reason for the usage of this word is because majority of the jobs related to data entry and form filling are fake. In fact 99% of the jobs related to these kinds of services in Pakistan are fake. As a matter of fact, such employers ask you to register with them by paying some amount and then you will be eligible to work for them in the data entry or online form filling projects. This way they collect a lot of money from the registrations and then escape.

As a matter of fact, none of the jobs either in real life or in freelancing world require you to pay money to register or to start working. So whenever asks you for upfront payment in order to start working with them, you should automatically be alarmed and should do a thorough research about the legitimacy of the organisation.

These companies have a huge network of fake websites and the company itself is fake as well with no trace and existence in the Government records. So you should be well aware that if a company is not registered with the Government’s concerned departments, you cannot track them down in case they take your money and run away. Government will not be able to help you out in this regard until and unless the fake company commits a huge mistake and get caught.

Data entry or form filling is not a job in itself. It is called donkey job as you do not need to be highly qualified to carry out this job. These fake companies also lure their customers by using this technique i.e. telling the customers that they’ll earn heavy rewards by just plain typing and no qualification is required.

There is another word “captcha” that circulates in the circles. Basically it is a word or audio that is used to stop spam. Computer cannot read it or hear it for you. It requires the human input to read those words or listen to those words and then type them down. This way the website knows that a human is present at the other end trying to register at the website. Captcha is used widely all over the internet and it is quite effective in stopping the spam. The fake company employer usually carries out such projects and use the data collected for spamming.

In short, if you are thinking to register with such organisations, you should investigate the integrity and legitimacy of the organisation otherwise you’ll have to regret your decision and your dream of freelance working can be shattered.


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