Pakistan Idol Show on Geo TV – Jo Hai Dil ki Awaz!

(Last Updated On: 27/09/2013)

Pakistan Idol Jo Hai Dil ki Awaz! is a new upcoming show on Geo TV. It will be reality based show and will be based on the British and American pop idol. After many huge success and struggle there is good response from the Indian Nation and the form Fremantle media production franchised idol that idol is also going to be started and moving into Pakistan also where the music industry is great and is at peak of success. After moving the idol In Pakistan it will be beneficial for the franchise because it will be more successful. The Pakistani people are always interested in such activities and there are many benefits for idol in Pakistan. Pakistani singers are also famous in Indian film industry because in their film the voices and songs are mostly designed by Pakistani singers and Pakistani nation is crazy now about this event. The Judges of this show who will decide the best one in all categories are very famous personalities of the TV one is the most famous singer Sajjad ALI and second is a female singer Hadiqa Kiyani and third is the Alamgir Fakir.  Sajjad Ali, Alamgir Faakhir and Hadika Kayani were performing at backstage with sipping on drinks and giving sound bites and music to the anchors and the performer at the stage.

Due to some political and other problems the Indiana and American Idol were not agreed to start this event in Pakistan but after great struggles the Pakistani industry is successful to motivate them to start idol in Pakistan in association with the Fremantle media. It will promote the live music on Pakistani. To make a good show and to make the inauguration of this event in Pakistan, a rehearsal and a concert were performed in the museum of PAF Museum on Saturday night, in this the most famous Pakistan’s well-known singers and artists were performed and make their activities for show. This was actually rehearsal show. Many music artists were also there at the show to make good inauguration of the show. The entire concert and performance was on DAT (Digital Audio Tape) this is a good step that the all artist and singer gathered in one place and they were preparing for the show. And that is why the Pakistan Idol is very welcome. This event will also promote the live music in an enormous way in Pakistan and it is the most important aspect of the most important aspect of the music industry. This show is being recorded and it will on aired at the event of EID. The list of artists and singers for this show is Jal, Fariha Parvez, Yasir Jawed, Khawar Jawad, Ahmad Jahanzeb, Adeel, Rabi Peerzada, Roxen, Raeth, Shehzad Roy, Jawad Ahmad, Fariha Parvez, Huma Khawaja and Nauman Khalid all came to lip-sync to a song or two. This is a massive list of artists and all are great performers in their works and fields. All artists were performing different works to make the show better. Some artists were just like in this show and showing their interest and performance in the idol.

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