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Viber is basically an application allowing users to chat and make calls and chat between phones this time it has released its desktop account for PCs and Mac. Right now 600 million and above people use Skype to interact, but now viber will help bait those users to it’s the latest application similar to Skype.This app will allow users to chat and make voice calls via phone to PC even. In this new version nine new languages are added. Viber says it has currently 200 million users from mulch-platforms but after the arrival of Viber Desktop user number has increase tremendously.


Viber also added that every new day, its user number increases; 400,000 users join Viber daily which is a huge number. While in 2013, 60 million users joined. From Desktop it added Video-calling for its users, currently it is in Beta but after some it will be transformed into mobile version also.

Mobile Login will be applicable for the desktop users to join in. People are able to cross-communicate between mobiles and phones as it has SMS, chat, MMS, Video and Voice option. All data and contacts are able to get sync.

  • It has certain features that sets its apart from others:-
  • Its HD-voice call quality is awesome. Connecting to others without disruption is its best feature.
  • Viber offers high quality video calls also. Video calling has improved in this version.
  • It has free photo messaging option, so no need for SMS packages and daily Buckets. MMS sending is also easy now.
  • Now Viber version offers no registration, password or invitation formalities.
  • Message sharing between PC to Mobile and Mobile to PC is allowed which is its best feature.
  • And it can even transfer our on-going calls without interruptions to other devices.

There is another thing to remind for Pakistani users that Mobilink has also parted with Viber to offer its More than 36 million users unlimited Viber usage at low charges.


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