Hum TV Website Hacked for Broadcasting Vulgarity

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 05/09/2013)

Hum TV is one of the biggest entertainment channels of Pakistan but its bold enough to show controversial scenes in the form of couples sometimes hugging together or women wearing extra-skimpy outfits. PEMRA has already received a lot of complaints against showing that scenes and broadcasting bold vulgarity on channel. Hum TV website hacked as a protest against the broadcasting vulgarity spread in the society.

Hum TV website hacked by the Pakistani hackers Hacked By Exploiterz, Anon Cop, Ch3rn0By1 call them Pak Mad Hunters and also Special Greets to Gujjar-PCP, S.O.G,  T4p1on, Sizzling Soul, All Muslim and Pakistani Teams.

There is message that hackers leave on the website that from Pakistan, clearly mentioned:

“We Dont Want Vulgarity In Pakistan”

With this message, the hackers also put screenshots of that bold scenes for Pakistani standards from various Hum TV can check that

Hum TV Website Hacked for Broadcasting Vulgarity

Hum TV Website Hacked for Broadcasting Vulgarity

This is not the first time in Pakistan before website of other TV channels are also hacked including Khyber TV, Hum Tv & Aaj TV Website. Hacking a website if such a large TV channel shows that Pakistani web admins are not keeping on their website they have just leaved their website open after uploading the data that why there is so freedom to the hackers. Other then TV Channels HBL hacked by hackers, ABL website hackedTelenor Tameer Bank, Sindh Government website hackedMQM website hacked, Soneri Bank website hacked , Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) WebsiteCentral Bank of Afghanistan WebsitePakistan Army Website was also hacked.


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